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rescuing soup that's too salty

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my lovely mushroom soup is too salty, probably from the soy I added. How to correct? I don't want to throw it out, but I need some quick advice! It tastes like a salt lick!

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  1. Cut a potato into large chunks and let them simmer for a 10-15 minutes. Then fish out the potato chunks. I've heard that the potatoes will absorb a lot of the salt...

    1. Sabine,

      Add water or plain stock to dilute the salt, then correct thickness, etc...

      The potato trick doesn't work, IMO.

      Evil Ronnie

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      1. Add a little sugar. That's what my wife would do, and it seems to work.

        1. 1) I believe the potato trick works. It did for me last night. 2) Dilution obviously works, it's simple science. 3) Lemon/lime juice seems to work too. 4) I don't know what kind of soup it is, but adding canned beans, or pasta, or rice would help too.

          1. A little sugar with a little vinegar will do the trick in many recipes.

            1. You can do all the other post but adding more stock and readjust the thickness may be the best. The sugar trick works if it is not too salty, but it will effect the after taste and it will add a lot of sugar and salt to the meal. Not good if one is watching the amount of salt and sugar in there diet. Never use the potato trick so can not tell you about that trick.

              1. The potato trick works very well. I've done it by slicing the potato into thick slices lengthwise (to maximize surface area). Just cook enough to pull the salt out, but not to cook the potatoes.