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Mar 23, 2004 07:24 AM

old cookbook from Life magazine, anyway to find it?

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When growing up my parents had a cookbook from Life, Time, or TimeLife that I would love to find again. It was a fairly large hard cover. Probably published in the late 1960's. The recipes were a lot of classics like crown roast, Belgium Beer Stew and I believe Salad Nicoise. It was, if I remember correctly divided into seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. There were beautiful pictures with each recipe. That's all I remember. Any help in figuring out the actual title and ideas on where to buy a used one would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There are lots of Time-Life cookbooks here:


    1. That sounds a good deal like the beautiful cookbook put out by the old Four Season's restaurant in New York in which the chapters were divided up into seasons. I have it around here somewhere and will post the exact title when I locate it.

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        Thanks. But I am sure it was not a restaurant cookbook. It was somethink like Time or Life. But the one you mention could be nice to find as well so please post the details if you find it.

      2. Time-Life had a cookbook series, Foods of the World, with different editors for countries such as The Food of Japan, The Food of Germany, etc. Each set contained a hardbound book and a smaller one w/more recipes. I found some recently at a library sale, but I believe your local library may have some on its shelves.

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          Or call Powells Book Store in Portland Oregon

        2. My wife ordered the four seasons series from Time/Life called the Williams/Sonoma Cookbook Series. Try and see if this is what you are looking for. Good hunting.

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            Thanks but this is not it. It was one volume with all the seasons (or months). The cover was a darker tan in color if I remember correctly. It was a little smaller than a tabloid newspaper in size and not that thick.

          2. Have you tried Ebay?

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              I have tried several places including Ebay without luck and since I do not know the title and I am not sure it was Time/Life I not sure I am looking correctly. Was hoping someone would remember the recipes I mentioned and know what book it was.