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old cookbook from Life magazine, anyway to find it?

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When growing up my parents had a cookbook from Life, Time, or TimeLife that I would love to find again. It was a fairly large hard cover. Probably published in the late 1960's. The recipes were a lot of classics like crown roast, Belgium Beer Stew and I believe Salad Nicoise. It was, if I remember correctly divided into seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. There were beautiful pictures with each recipe. That's all I remember. Any help in figuring out the actual title and ideas on where to buy a used one would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. There are lots of Time-Life cookbooks here:



    1. That sounds a good deal like the beautiful cookbook put out by the old Four Season's restaurant in New York in which the chapters were divided up into seasons. I have it around here somewhere and will post the exact title when I locate it.

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        Thanks. But I am sure it was not a restaurant cookbook. It was somethink like Time or Life. But the one you mention could be nice to find as well so please post the details if you find it.

      2. Time-Life had a cookbook series, Foods of the World, with different editors for countries such as The Food of Japan, The Food of Germany, etc. Each set contained a hardbound book and a smaller one w/more recipes. I found some recently at a library sale, but I believe your local library may have some on its shelves.

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          Or call Powells Book Store in Portland Oregon

        2. My wife ordered the four seasons series from Time/Life called the Williams/Sonoma Cookbook Series. Try www.geocities.com/Area51/vault/1157/c... and see if this is what you are looking for. Good hunting.

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            Thanks but this is not it. It was one volume with all the seasons (or months). The cover was a darker tan in color if I remember correctly. It was a little smaller than a tabloid newspaper in size and not that thick.

          2. Have you tried Ebay?

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              I have tried several places including Ebay without luck and since I do not know the title and I am not sure it was Time/Life I not sure I am looking correctly. Was hoping someone would remember the recipes I mentioned and know what book it was.

            2. There is the
              New York Times Cook Book (Claiborne ,1961)

              New York Times Menu Cook Book (Claiborne,1966)

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                Nice try. I have the first one, the thick blue one. The one I am looking for is very different. I has much few recipes and big color pictures. Maybe the second one could be it. Is the menu cook book thiner, tanish in color, more tabloid in dimensions with big pictures?

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                  It is exactly the same as first except title

              2. Try alibris.com. I've found things there that are quite old.

                Link: http://www.alibris.com/

                1. The folks at Jessica's Biscuit/eCookbooks.com might be able to help you - see the link below. Also, you might want to check this site to see if any of the Time-Life cookbook names jog your memory.


                  http://www.victiques.com/cookbooks/co... (Check Pages 9 & 10

                  Also - check with your local library. An older librarian might recall the series you're looking for.

                  Link: http://www.ecookbooks.com/index.html

                  1. Time Life published lots of Cookbook series in the 60s and 70s in a large format, good instructions, full page lavish pictures, including Foods of the World and the Good Cook Series.

                    These are readily available, but spottily, on ebay and through dealers as folks have mentioned.

                    I am wondering though if you are thinking of the book linked below published in 68, the 1968 Picture Cookbook. I dont know this book, though this is right around the time that TL published many very solid cookbook volumes.

                    Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...

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                      Thanks for trying to help everyone. This was not it either (it did not have a spiral binding). But the library idea was a good one that I will try next time I am in the states. I think I will have to see it to recognize it, but I know I will if I do because the picture were so vivid they are still in my mind although I have not seen them for over 30 years.

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                        Sorry, this was the version I had meant to link -but its not tan, either.

                        Good luck in your search

                        Link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...

                    2. You might try Kitchen Arts & Letters in New York at 212-876-5550, 1435 Lexington Avenue, NY, NY, 10128. If they don't have what you're looking for, they seem to pride themselves on their ability to find it for you. It's worth a call, anyway.

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                        Christine Dabney

                        I have that book in my collection, which at the moment, is packed away. It is Great Dinners from Life, I think, or Life Magazine. My copy has a silvery cover.

                        It was one of my first ever cookbooks.

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                          Christine Dabney

                          I am replying to my own post. I just searched Bookfinder, and they were able to find two copies. The title is definitely Great Dinners From Life.

                          I made several dishes from that book, and they have all been extremely sucessful. Even though it is very dated now, some of the things are still very good.

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                            This is definately it!!!! I found pictures at http://pages.tias.com/2604/PictPage/1... Thank you so much everyone for all the hard work trying to help me find this book. Anyone want me to cook them a meal from the book as thanks, all you need to do is come by and visit in Sweden. Actually, this is sort of serious, any chowhounds visiting sweden are welcome to contact me for a get together my email is marc at dibiaso dot com I did not to use the normal format in order to avoid spam mail.

                          2. I have that cookbook. It is sitting on my lap as I write I bought it eons ago. It's called "Great Dinners from Life" by Eleanor Graves first printed 1969 reprinted 1974...persoanlly I would Google it to find a copy. You are right about the winter, summer, fall, spring BTW. Good Luck

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                            1. This may the book your searching for it was gold in color and had a hard cover and it was the 1958 Picture Cook Book. I saw it on ebay.

                              1. I remember this cookbook! The title was something poetic, "Recipes from Life," or something like that. Oversized with gorgeous pictures and great recipes. It was published late 60's to very early 70s. I would love to find a copy, too!

                                1. if you find the title, i've found some interesting out of print books on betterworldbooks.com

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                                  1. I won't repeat what has already been said about the many Time-Life cookbooks available. But I've found most of my books, spanning the years of 60- 90s at Good Will, and thrift shops. Oh yes and garage sales, I got one of the whole Good Cook series at a garage sale for 10cent a book. I use them over and over. Like you, I love the classics, the photos and I find it fun to update the recipes,I get creative with them much as the contestants are required on Top Chef. Try those places too.

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                                      i love the good cook series --- and the time-life books. such quality!

                                    2. You could try Half.com. Here is a search there for time life cookbook http://search.half.ebay.com/time-life...

                                      1. would you tell me the name of the book and author, i think it is the same one i am looking for. i think it was an orangish color. thanks

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                                          Yes, it's orange, and oversized. It's widely available - I got a copy on ABEbooks for very little.

                                        2. i have that cook book! it is my absolute favorite and go to cookbook, hands down. i want another one for my daughter but have had no success finding it. Maybe i can copy the whole book for you.