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Prime Rib and Crock Pot

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Would it be possible to cook a prime rib in a crock pot or would I be committing some kind of crime?

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  1. Baby, Yes, you would be tried and certainly convicted by a jury of your peers. (Chowhounds.) Use a pork shoulder instead. The ultimate Prime Rib recipe is in Paul Prudomme's "Louisiana Kitchen" cookbook. Follow it exactly and fame and glory will be your reward.

      1. Please take the prime rib and STEP AWAY FROM THE CROCKPOT.

        1. If you (a) already have the prime rib, and (b) have your heart set on using the crockpot for *something*, let me know...I'm sure we can work out an arrangement!

          1. Don't do it. Please, don't do it. Unless you're feeding someone you truly despise, like, say, Hitler, don't do it.

            1. Crock pot is great for making inexpensive tough cuts of meats tender. These cuts of meats (i.e. chuck roasts, short ribs) have lots of connective tissue and tendons that will melt during the long crock pot cooking process and produce a rich gravy. Prime rib is a very tender cut of meat and is best roasted or grilled.

              1. My golden rule of crock potting: NEVER insert a piece of meat into a crock pot that costs more than said appliance.

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                  Too right!!! You da man Coyote.


                2. yes and yes.

                  1. My mother, who made the best prime rib roast ever, is rolling over in her grave.

                    1. Prime rib potroast. A new concept.

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                        And an expensive one, to boot!

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                          Although I have come across prime ribs tough enough that a good crock pot treatment would have served them well.

                      2. baby, let me try gently to persuade you on the merits:

                        I think you'd end up with a greasy mess if you cook a prime rib roast in a crockpot. That cut has plenty of fat, some of which melts and "bastes" the meat as you roast it (or grill slices of it as steaks).

                        1. You can definitely cook a prime rib in a crock pot, but you got to be careful the meat is raised enough it doesn't poach in it's own juices. Before you add the rib, add 3 sliced large onions, big chops of carrots and celery and a whole garlic head cut in half. Place the meat on top of the vegetables. Add a little liquid (beef or chicken broth, or V8 veg juice) so it doesn't burn while the meat heats up.
                          I've cooked plenty of time prime ribs in a crock pot; everyone raved. You get the same results as cooking it covered in the oven. You won't get the outer crisp, but it's cleaner and easier.

                          1. I made a texas style brisket from cooks illustrated in a slow cooker and I imagine this could be done in a similar way. What you would do is take whatever you'd normally use to make gravy and put it in the center of the slow cooker. Then put a foil loaf baking dish over it. Then rest the Prime Rib on top of that. Then put a little beef broth in the bottom. What will happen is the juices will go to the bottom and get sucked under the foil and the rib will roast with dry heat. This might actually work well because a slow cooker will cook at around 200 degrees on low and you could have it go for over 12 hours. Gelsons is having a sale right now, prime rib for $11 lbs so I might actually try this.

                            1. Prime rib can be cooked to a lovely brown rare or medium rare in a slow cooker or crock pot. The results will be about the same as the slow cooking oven method for preparing prime rib.
                              Trim all but about 1/4 inch of fat from the roast. Preheat the slow cooker. Sear your well seasoned prime rib on all sides either in the oven on high heat or on the stove top. Place the roast in the crock pot. If you have a rack that will fit your crock pot, use it. It's not really necessary. "Dry roast" the prime rib until it reaches about 140 degrees for medium. Less for rare. Do not use any additional liquid in the crock pot. It may take about 6 hrs. to do this. It depends on your slow cooker and the size of your roast. Check the internal temp with an instant thermometer at about 4 to 6 hrs. It took 4 hrs in my slow cooker and I removed it at 135 degrees and let it rest. While I prepared the Yorkshire pudding. The meat was medium rare and evenly pink through out.

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                                  If you've never tried it, don't knock it. If you want a crunchy brown exterior you can take the prime rib of the slow cooker and place it under the broiler or in a hot (500 degree F) oven for a few minutes. 130 degrees is rare. I usually take it out of the slow cooker at 130 degrees or less if I'm going to put it in the oven to crisp the exterior. We like ours a lovely pink medium rare. (140 degrees)The slow oven roasting will give you the same result as the slow cooker. My slow cooker is a large oval that acts like a roaster when required as most newer models do. The interior temp of your roast will rise a few degrees at it rests.

                                2. Possible? Of course.

                                  But it's a culinary crime against nature. Probably second only to the capital offense of microwaving the same cut.