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Mar 17, 2004 02:16 PM

Prime Rib and Crock Pot

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Would it be possible to cook a prime rib in a crock pot or would I be committing some kind of crime?

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  1. Baby, Yes, you would be tried and certainly convicted by a jury of your peers. (Chowhounds.) Use a pork shoulder instead. The ultimate Prime Rib recipe is in Paul Prudomme's "Louisiana Kitchen" cookbook. Follow it exactly and fame and glory will be your reward.

      1. Please take the prime rib and STEP AWAY FROM THE CROCKPOT.

        1. If you (a) already have the prime rib, and (b) have your heart set on using the crockpot for *something*, let me know...I'm sure we can work out an arrangement!

          1. Don't do it. Please, don't do it. Unless you're feeding someone you truly despise, like, say, Hitler, don't do it.