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Mar 16, 2004 10:30 PM

Wine and Cheese Recommendations?

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I was inquiring as to what would be the most harmonious cheese to pair with Suddenly Salad (classic). Obviously, Parmesan and Romano are instinctive selections, but I was hoping for some ideas that were a little more inventive, and impressive, for my esteemed dinner guests. Clearly, fromage choice lends a key style element to the dining experience. I want something that will be subtle but that will also be able to sufficiently set off the vinaigrette’s tangy zip.

Also, I have been considering that the light sweetness of a Riesling, or one of the Gallo selections, might make a suitable vino coupling for this tangy pasta dish. I would be grateful for any input regarding wine ideas for the upcoming repast. Again, I am seeking something with flair! Thoughts?



“La crayon bon Die, n’a pas gin gomme.” –Cajun Proverb

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  1. No idea what the dressing you refer to is like, but I really enjoy Chevre or a nice blue like Maytag in my salads.

    I think folks will need more detail on the pasta dish to offer up an appropriate paring.


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      Thanks so much for getting back to me with your suggestions. Suddenly Salad (classic) is a box pasta salad with that you can buy from pretty much any grocery store but is hands down my favorite of any pasta salad I have had. So, in spite of it's ready made roots, it is what I turn to when I am in the mood for some pasta salad. It is hard to describe the dressing but is a kind of lemony vinaigrette.



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        a kind of lemony vinaigrette

        Wine in general is often a clash with Vinegar... the standout exception being Sauvignon Blanc... give a sauvignon a shot with it next time.

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          Keeping on post, if you go with a sauvignon blanc to best match the lemony vinagarette, then try crumbling a cheese that matches well with sauvignon... the obvious choice: an ashed French goat cheese.

          Take your "repast" to the next level by adding a bit of pesto which also matches splendidly with sauvignon. Would be best served alongside shellfish that also tends to match well with sauvignon... or cut up chunks of crab, scallop, etc. and toss into the salad for a seafood/pesto & goat cheese pasta salad served with glass of delicious sauvignon blanc.

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            From New Zealand, I hope! : D

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              Thank you for your thoughtful replies.

              All my best,