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Mar 12, 2004 10:00 AM

Need Help: Adjusting Cooking Time for Crockpot Recipes

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Hi everyone, a lot of the crockpot recipes I came across requires "8 hrs on Low or 4 hrs on High". I usually leave for work at 8 am and gets home at 7 pm, 11 hours. If I leave the food cooking for 3 more hours, I'm pretty sure that everything would turn dry.

So, besides getting a timer to turn off my crockpot after 8 hours, are there other ways to get around this? Can I adjust the recipes?


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  1. I would not want to have the foood sit for 3 hours with the crockpot turned off. Your best bet would be to go ahead and get a timer, preferably an electric one, prepare the food (as cold as possible) and have it cut on a couple of hours later. I have been doing this for years and haven't had any problems. I have a Radio Shack timer (about $20.00) that works through my house wiring and, through various modules, controls all of my lights as well as any outlet I put a module on, including one for the crockpot. Works like a charm.