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Mar 9, 2004 11:30 AM

Leftover tapioca = bubble tea?

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so i was reading the earlier post on tapioca and it got me thinking about that box of tapioca pearls that has been lurking at the back of my cupboard for a couple of years. i know i could make pudding but i feel more like bubble tea. is there any chance of getting it to taste like the stuff you get in restaurants? anyone have a recipe? i'll search epicurious and stuff but if you have a great one i'd love to hear it.

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  1. Personally I don't think the little white tapioca balls used in pudding taste much like the big dark ones used in bubble tea but some bubble tea places do offer this as an option. Does anyone know if the starch used to make the little white tapioca for pudding is the same starch used in the bubbles for tea? I would think they are different. The texture will be different as well since they're smaller so there's not as much to chew but its worth a shot if you're really craving it. I like to use the pre-packaged Owl brand tea/creamer/sugar mix for the tea and then you just put the cooked tapioca and mix it around. Good luck!

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      hey its called boba its BOBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not bubble tea...

    2. the little white translucent ones aren't like the large pearl because they are not chewy. there is some drinks made with them though, one that comes to mind is a taro drink. ususally it's sweeten taro blended with milk and add in the small tapioca.

      a word on making real pear bubble drink, it's not worth the effort! the large pearls take a long time to cook through (2-3 hours) and you can't refridgate them or the texture will change, so making a small batch seem like a waste of effort, but making a large batch is only good if you can eat it all in one sitting.

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        torta basilica

        really, don't even think about it - it's not the same

        1. FYI- You should probably throw your pearls away. They have a short life span.