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Mar 1, 2004 01:22 PM

Mt. Doom Cake

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I got the idea somewhere on this board to make a Mt. Doom cake for my Oscar party, and wanted to report back. It was very successful, though the eruption was not as impressive as I had hoped.

First, I took my favorite chocolate cake recipe, which is totally non-gourmet, but is the most moist cake I have every tasted baked at home (I am very picky about dry cake) and I tripled the recipe.

Here is the (non tripled) recipe:

One box Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Cake mix
One box Instant Pudding mix
1/2 pint regular sour cream
3/4 cup oil
one cup whole milk
Four eggs
one bag chocolate chips

Mix all ingredients together with a mixer except chips for about 4 minutes, add chips at the end. Usually, this is made in a bundt cake mold, and just sprinkle the top with powdered sugar and maybe fresh strawberries.

For Mt Doom I made six 9-inch layers, stacked them on top of each other, and then cut them to be more of a cone shape. I then cut a hole in the top and inserted a shot glass. I then frosted the cake with brown frosting, and put some green touches for vegetation, and some reddish lava. The colors I made with food coloring, so they were not as menacing as I would have wanted.

I got some little figurines of Frodo, Sam and the Golum from the local gaming store, and placed them on the mountain.

Then, to erupt, I filled the shot glass with a mixture of warm liquid jello, lemon juice and baking soda, and it erupted. I had found an alternate method involving dry ice that probably would have been more impressive, but I did not have any dry ice on hand.

The cake made a very fun centerpiece for the party, and tasted good too. The recipe is so moist that all the layers sort of mushed together, and it looked like I had just made one huge cake. I do have to admit its not very diet friendly though...

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  1. wow, this sounds *awesome*. piegirl, you are my hero. i will have to borrow this idea to serve when we celebrate the release of the extended dvd. long live frodo!

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      babette feasts

      Regarding food coloring, I've found that cream cheese frosting takes color REALLY well - you can get much more lurid, intense colors than with buttercream.

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        Thanks for the tips - I was a little unhappy with my lava being so... pink.

        One detail I forgot to mention about the cake is that for the eye that is constantly searching for the hobbits on top of Mt. Doom, we cut a kiwi in half lengthwise and stuck it on top with a toothpick, it really looked like the eye! (as well as being a nod to the oft mentioned New Zealand)

      2. Also paste food coloring (from a cake decorating store or from an on-line source) makes MUCH more intense colors than the liquid food coloring you buy at the grocery store.