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Feb 25, 2004 05:38 PM

What should tofu smell like?

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I've just started cooking with tofu at home. I've tried twice and both times it smelled like pumpkin. Is this normal? Both packages were still fresh according to the expiration date. I tried a different brand the second time and it was so bad that after I cooked it in a curry I could still smell the pumpkin. I hate pumpkin!

I'm really perplexed because I've eaten plenty of tofu in restaurants and I've never noticed a pumpkin odor.

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  1. Tofu, like fish, should smell like nothing (g)...

    despite what the expiration date says, if you don't change the water everyday, or every other day, it goes off...

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    1. re: galleygirl

      I wish it was as simple as poor soy hygiene but I used the tofu the same day I bought it.

    2. I don't think it smells at all, at least not strong enough to detect any pumpkin like smell.

      1. To me, it smells like nothing. It takes on the flavor of what you "do it with", but naked, nada. What brand are you using?

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        1. re: Sweet Pea

          Sigh, that's what I thought. I used Nasoya (the only brand most regular supermarkets seem to carry) and an Asian brand I can't remember the name of, I know it was organic and the logo is red.

          What brands have you had luck with?

          1. re: Jessie

            I'm pretty sure it's Nasoya. After I open it, I put it a different container and change the water every day.

        2. I have yet to taste a supermarket brand I like, even Whole Foods. See if you can find a locally made tofu. An Asian market with high turnover is your best bet. Ask the restaurants what brand they use. You may have better luck with soft or silken than with firm. Use it quickly. Good luck.

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          1. re: Aromatherapy

            I have to second Aromatherapy's suggestion...I'm totally spoiled by buying locally produced, silken tofu, a totally different foodstuff from the prepackaged Nasoya stuff, even of it is 'all natural'. Something about the processing seems to change it to tasteless cement.Trying really fresh stuff can even change a tofu hater ;)

          2. To me it has a mild "nutty" scent. My favorite are the refrigerated ones in the tight plastic wrapping, not the ones in the tubs. The ones in the tighter plastic wrap, IMHO, are denser and more interesting to chew on. Silken is just too slimy. There's also the "pre-baked" tofu which is very dense and it's pretty tasty.

            Favorite brand would probably be White Wave Organic or Tree of Life organic in the refrigerated case.