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Feb 24, 2004 10:38 AM

Cheese experts: Mac 'n Goat Cheese

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I am trying to re-create a Tom Valenti Macaroni and Goat Cheese - any suggestions on the best type of Goat Cheese to use for this dish? I was thinking of using a Garrotxa but am wondering if it might be too sharp.

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  1. I think Garrotxa is too pungent and the wrong texture.

    I would use a goat's milk cheddar as my first choice, perhaps mixed with some fresh goat or a gently ripened buche type, or instead of the cheddar, a goat gouda.

    Someone recently gave me a half dozen different goat cheeses, and I was planning on trying a mac-n-goat cheese myself this weekend. I have some leftover goat's milk in the fridge, and am thinking I will use that rather than cow's milk. I hope my kitchen doesn't smell like a barnyard.

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      Thanks for the suggestion, I used what I had and it wasn't too pungent at all, but it was terribly bland. I used a whole pound of cheese, 1/4 cup parmesan to 2 lbs. of pasta (is the Tom Valenti recipe in his new book), and now I have 2 pounds of bland, yucky mac 'n expensive cheese. Ugh.

      I will use your suggestions to try again though.

      1. re: BJ

        Here's a bit of a "secret twist" on MacNGoat cheese... use a "pesto macaroni" or add pesto to the goat cheese sauce...

        THEN serve with a sauvignon blanc...

        If you want to be even more genius, serve this as a side dish alongside crab claws AND/OR, dice up some crab chunks and throw it in the mac...

        Serve with glass of SB and your diners will be amazed.

    2. b

      I'd use a goat gouda. I like the one from Cypress Grove. Don't know how well this - or any hard goat cheese - melts, though.