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Jun 1, 2004 12:20 PM

Nick's Crispy Tacos revisted

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I've now had all of the tacos at Nick's Crispy. I recommend: both fish tacos. I do not recommend: all the others.

The baja fish taco came this time with a large piece of mahi mahi, very fresh and moist, in the same powerfully flavored beer batter. Fresh shredded cabbage, chile powder flavored crema, and a griddled tortilla make a might fine taco. The grilled fish taco came with excellent wild salmon, the same cabbage and tortilla, but with a cilantro crema. Both about $3.

The other meats range from okay (carnitas, carne asada) to poor (greasy, tasteless chicken). But even the good ones are about $3 each and come with beans and lettuce. Might as well spend half as much and go to a real taqueria or truck for those tacos.



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  1. nja, I agree with you on only ordering the fish tacos. I've worked my way through a good portion of the menu--not nearly as diligent as you but have come to terms with the less than adequate offerings. I also can't seem to come to terms with eating in a was a first a novelty but it's odd, kinda like being out all night after a rave...many moons ago of course.

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      My research was limited only to the few tacos available. Burritos and quesadillas, presumably with the same meats, are also available but I didn't try any of those formats. The quesadillas looked good.

      It's a trip eating a taco in a red upholstered booth, with a vinyl table top, in the middle of the day.

      P.S., don't forget to ask for the habanero salsa. As hot as habaneros can get, their heat is surprisingly contained by fat; a few drops on the battered fish produces that wonderful citrusy habanero flavor but only a moderate burn.