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Feb 13, 2004 04:16 PM

seasoning cast iron on a bbq grill?

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My apartment's fire alarm is super sensitive. Last time I tried to season our bbq grill we set the alarm off.
I would like to buy a cast iron pan. Is it possible to season my pan inside a gas bbq grill? Say I do everything else the same, except sticking it inside a oven, I fire up the grill and do it on the balcony?

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  1. This should work!

    make sure you use indirect heat - I would only turn one one of the burners, close the cover and let it heat up for 20 mins, then put the pan on the burner which is not lit - use a thermometer if you have one to get the right temp.


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    1. re: mic9ael

      The oven method is the fast, "sanitary" method for curing cast iron.
      During cast iron's history, many utensils have been cured on coals.
      Just keep wiping it with a thin coat of oil, letting it "dry", then wipe again.
      After a few cycles of this, wipe it down and put it away

      1. re: Curt

        I have several cast iron pans that I have seasoned on a gas grill. First, turn up both burners to high and let it preheat for about 15 minutes. Turn off one burner after that amount of time and use indirect heat with the second burner on at least medium high.

        Personally, I find that the oven method isn't all that effective and it stinks up the kitchen.

        Remember that cast iron loves heat...when I season a cast iron pan on the grill I let it go longer, and much hotter than instructed for the oven method.

    2. Cast iron was originally seasoned in fireplaces. I don't think a grill will hurt it.