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Feb 6, 2004 03:04 PM

what to do with CAPERS?

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Any suggestions of what to do with capers?


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  1. They are essential to sole or flounder meuniere. Also to vitello tonnato. I use a lot of capers in pasta salad with salmon and lemon and on pizza. They're good scattered across smoked salmon, too. Usually I use the small capers in brine, not the large salted ones.

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      Also good added to Chicken/Veal Piccato with some hot pepper rings and lots of lemon.

      Second the small, and I always rinse them, they retain plenty of the brine

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        I love them in tuna, egg or potato salad. Great in pasta sauces and teamed up with anchovies. I like the small ones also. I have some large caper berries, and they are overpowering unless chopped up.

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          I like the brined ones too. They make an interesting addition to a chunky gazpacho.

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            I like to add capers to potato salad.

          2. Use them on pasta. With olive oil, garlic and parmesan. Or with tomato sauce and any vegetables.

            1. Puttanesca sauce for pasta. One of my all time favorites, the spicier the better.

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                  I third puttanesca; that was the first thing I thought of when I read the title of this thread!

              1. For a decadently delicious smoked salmon (not lox) on bagels, try adding some small capers on the cream cheese, a slice of tomato, a slice of purple onion, and the salmon on top.

                I also use capers and lemon in mayo (real) to make tartar sauce. And I add it to ketchup and mayo along with sweet relish and a finely chopped shallot to make thousand island dressing.

                1. I don't care for capers but my folks did. As a result my mom made Chicken Piccata a lot. I now have friends who love capers so I use an epicurious recipe that is similar to hers. I've made it a few times for dinner guests and it is always a hit.