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Feb 4, 2004 10:31 PM

what have you cooked up with Trader Joe's Lobster Slipper Meat?

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(claw-shaped lobster meat strips) I know frozen lobster is sub-par to fresh, but they had samples in the store that were steamed with a little butter and lemon and it tasted A-OK I thought. So what shall I do with the bags I purchased? Make a bisque, lobster cakes, or try a losbter roll? Anyone have successful recipes using these?

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  1. I saw them at TJ's and was in a quandry too. Thought about chopping them into large chunks and cooking them ala prawns in black bean sauce but chickened out! Maybe I'll try it for real.

    1. I recently bought them and made lobster salad (chop up the lobster, add a little mayo and diced celery, serve on toasted roll).

      Flavorwise - it was ok, texturewise it was rubbery, but it could have been the way it was cooked. We steamed it. Its not comparable to Maine Lobster, but it was decent. It might taste better in a lobster newburg or in some kind of dish.

      Other bad thing about steaming -- it smells very, very, very, very fishy. Stunk up the entire house. Had to burn candles, open the windows and spray some of that Oust deodorizer.

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        Mike McElliott

        I've made the mistake of buying slipper lobster a couple of times (not at TJ's). Both times it came out "rubbery" as you described it--not tough, just a bouncy texture that I found really distasteful. I don't think it was the cooking method, suspect it's just the nature of the beast.