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Feb 2, 2004 01:24 PM

Green Tea Nausea

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Has anyone here gotten nauseous after drinking green tea? A few months ago I tried having a cup every morning to replace my coffee, but the nausea was so overwhelming that I couldn't leave my house without...Bleh! Someone just gave me some sencha green tea so I tried a cup this afternoon and...Bleh! Is it just me or is this a known phenomenon?


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  1. That's so funny because I thought it was me. I also tried green tea to replace my one crummy cup of decaf and got extremely nauseous, too. I even tried a different brand and had the same effect.

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      I find that any tea on an empty stomach causes nausea. Milk and sugar help, but I don't like either in my tea. So I just make sure to have something in my stomach before drinking tea.

    2. I drink green tea almost every morning and have never gotten nauseated from it, but I have friends who say that white tea is easier on the stomach. I love white tea as well but generally drink it in the afternoon.

      1. You might want to try Tazo's "Zen" blend: it's green tea with mint, which (I think?) is known to settle the stomach. I really like it, and am generally not a huge green tea fan.

        1. You're definitely not alone. I find it's somewhat better if I eat something first, and better yet if I take it later in the day. I agree that white tea is somewhat gentler on the stomach. I was advised by someone not to steep the green tea for more than a minute, but I haven't found that to help much in the morning either.

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            Like many of you, I thought I was the only one. I find I can handle it with out problems but IF I have a strong cup of green tea on an empty stomach I do get that sensation. I drink Peets Yin Hao -- very jasminey.

          2. I'll bet you are brewing it too long, using too much tea, and/or water that is too hot.

            For most green teas, you just use a teaspoon or so per cup, brew it no longer than three minutes and use water that is below boiling. I usually take my kettle off the burner and let it sit for at least five minutes after the water boils). If you miscalculate on any of these (particularly brewing too long), you can get a very unpleasant cup of tea.