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Jan 30, 2004 11:03 AM

Help- Is there a traditional Texan dessert?

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I'm going to a super bowl party which the food theme is Texan in honor of the host city, Houston. I'm wondering is there a traditional Texan dessert that I can prepare? The other menu items will be texan BBQ and various tex-mex items. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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  1. Absolutely! Either peach cobbler or pecan pie. You can make a peach cobbler by pouring frozen peaches into a pyrex baking dish. Add sugar and a little flour. Dot with butter. Lay strips of pastry slightly overlapping crosswise across peaches. Kind of seal to edges of baking dish. Bake at 450 ontil light brown. You can gild the lily with Bluebell ice cream if you wish. YeeeeHah!

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    1. re: Plano Rose

      I second that pecan pie. My mother's Texan contribution to gatherings when she could get pecans.

      1. re: wally

        It's definitely pecan pie (proun puh-kan, BTW). I like to use cane syrup instead of the usual Karo and I always add a healthy shot of bourbon.

        1. re: Greg Spence

          Just in case you're still undecided -- another vote for Texas' most traditional dessert, pecan pie.

          AND some heavenly pecan pralines, to go.

          1. re: ChrissieH

            Chewy Texas Pralines that is, not those kind you get in New Orleans!

            I know they're not that hard to make but last time I was in Austin, I got a big ol' box of Lammes Pralines. Yummy!


            1. re: Pssst

              Of course I fourth or fifth the Pecan Pie... also Corsicana Street fruitcake is from Texas, I believe. Not necessarily "traditional" texan, but made there anyway. Also any tex-mex dessert (like Flan or Tres Leches) has a "texas" dimension.

              1. re: Pssst

                I'm not sure the chewy are a Texas thing. Lamms is the only place I ever get them. Most of the other ones I see/eat are sold in Mexican Restaurants and are the crunchy kind.

                I love the New Orleans type!!!!!!!!Crunchy, but made with some cream.

                1. re: Pssst

                  On NYE, I had the Lammes pralines again and was reminded of how wonderful they are.

                  My previous post -

              2. re: Greg Spence

                Do you add that shot to the pie or to the cook, Greg?

                I vote for pecan pie, too. If you are going to use Karo, I definitely recommend you use the dark version (which is virtually the same as cane syrup).

          2. What about Texas sheet cake? Really a cross between a brownie and a cake and SO good! A quick google search should yield lots of recipes.

            1. I vote for Texas Sheet Cake. Here's a link that has both info about the cake and a great recipe. By the way, this website contains all sorts of traditional Texas recipes, including more dessert recipes.


              1. Buttermilk pie is traditional, but a little more unexpected. Whenever I go home to Texas, I usually drop by a Luby's and grab a slice of it.

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                  Raj1, I have a recipe for buttermilk pie that I got from Threadgills and people love. It's very creamy, delicious and comforting, especially when served after BBQ or chick' fried steak.

                2. Nothing against the other posts, but having lived in Houston for two years I strongly suggest "Tres Leches". Basically, a cake soaked in, as you can guess, three "milks". My wife and I refer to it as Texas Soggy Cake and it is delicious. Our favorite was from Churasscos restaurant. I think a recipe can be found by searching the internet.