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Jan 27, 2004 06:07 PM

fontina cheese

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I am having trouble finding Fontina Cheese where I live. I need it for a recipe that I would like to try. Can someone tell what other cheese resembles or is close to it. Thanks

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  1. My usual guru Max McCalman suggests Beaufort or Gruyere as similar cheeses. But those not be any easier to find. How about mail ordering some Fontina?

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    1. re: Caseophile

      Thanks, I have seen those in the stores here.

      1. re: Stacey

        Here are a few suggestions. If you have a Trader Joe's nearby, they will very likely have Fontina or will certainly order it. Same goes for Whole Foods Markets.

        Next option would be to look for any deli or market that sells Boar's Head Brand and through their source they can get Boar's head fontina which is probably at $10.00 per pound.

        Last option try the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills...they will ship it to you if you have the $$ to do so.

      2. re: Caseophile

        The suggestions given previously are not the fontina max is comparing the beaufort to. Most stores on the list will only have the factory-made fontina, which is bland and one dimensional.

        The one he is referring to is fontina val d'aosta. This is a raw milk cheese with a complex, nutty flavor.