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Jan 22, 2004 12:54 PM

what to serve with Tamales?

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Need another main dish to go along with shortage of tamales. I'm thinking of serving rice and beans and salsa, etc. on the side, but need something else that goes well with tamales and doesn't overpower them. All I could come up with were enchiladas, fish tacos... and I wasn't too sure about those.

If you have any excellent recipes, please do post or email, and I'd be very grateful! Thanks!

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  1. Would you consider posole to be another main dish? Our Christmas Eve food offerings have become somewhat bloated as of late (tamales, burritos, enchiladas, rice, tortillas, yada, yada, yada) but in the beginning, it was mostly tamales and posole.

    1. Maragaritas?

      1. j

        As another poster mentioned, Posole would be a good (and traditional) accompaniment to tamales. I recently thawed out the frozen tamales that my Tia Olivia sent home with me over christmas and made some red chile sauce to go with them, which would also be great drizzled over Posole.

        With my tamales, however, I made homemade tortillas and refried beans.

        1. What about a nice chile verde? Serve it with warm tortillas and/or rice.


          1. Tamales are incredibly filling, so you may not have a shortage. But anyway -- I would make a big pot of soup, either pozole as suggested or a simple caldo de pollo served with all the trimmings (little bowls of sliced japapenos, chopped onions, pieces of lime, and chopped cilantro). You could also start people off with guacamole and chips. All this talk of tamales is making me very hungry! I'll have to call the wonder lady who sells the chicken mole tamales soon!