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Jan 20, 2004 03:03 PM

Durkee's Famous Sauce-What do you do with it?

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I've seen where this sauce is great in potato salad. What else is this sauce good for and how much do you put in a recipe for 6?

Guadalajara, Mexico

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  1. Durkee's is excellent on poultry and pork, especially sandwiches. It's the only condiment I use on bratwurst, too. There is a place here in St. Louis that uses it on their chicken wings. It's a mixture of Durkee's and hot sauce (and I'm sure some sort of butter sauce) and it is delicious.

    For potato salad, I use about a two to one ratio of mayonnaise to Durkee's, but use your taste buds as a guide.

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      I was suspicious about this but I didn't have to do any work so I didn't say a word - Durkee Turkey - my friends basted the turkey with Durkee's - it was great!

    2. Good in deviled eggs. A little in a Monte Cristo or a grilled cheese sandwich is nice too.

      1. I mix it with butter and put it on popcorn. Its also good mixed in with lowfat yogurt to make a spicy creamy dip for veggies.

        1. Any sandwich that you would put mayo and or mustard on. Real good on turkey or ham sandwiches. Ditto the deviled eggs; growing up we always had a jar in the refrigerator.

          1. I love the stuff! And I only recently rediscovered someone else said, growing up, it was in every refrigerator. (I'm from St. Louis, as well. Maybe it was a local thing). You can use it anywhere you would use mayo or mustard. It makes a wonderful sauce for hot wings, just make your regular butter/hot pepper sauce and add a good dollop of the Durkee's. I add it to the deglazing liquid when I roast or fry pork, put it on hot dogs & sausages, and mix it with a bit more mayo for a dipping sauce. Very nostalgic, probably terribly low-brow, but who cares?