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Jan 14, 2004 10:21 PM

Why did my pound cake crack?

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For some reason, lately with my new pans some of my cakes are not coming out the same. I baked a homemade pound cake in a bundt pan and around the bottom it was cracked on one side (it looks like someone took a knife and tried to split it. I cannot figure out why this happenened because the recipe is foolproof the pan was 12 cup capacity and the oven was the right temperature. Please help

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  1. Is the outside of the pan a darker color as most Bundt pans are? Because if that is the case, it is recommended that you bake at a lower temperature for a shorter time--dark outside coatings cause the cakes to bake faster.

    I just baked a cake that was based on a recipe in the Bundt classics cookbook today in the sunflower shaped pan. The baking temperature was 325 degrees F.--in fact all the cake recipes in the book call for that temperature.

    How hot was your oven?

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        Then my guess is an air pocket, as another poster pointed out. Running a rubber spatula through the batter, and tapping it on the counter a few times usually breaks any trapped air bubbles before you bake your cake.

    1. Possibly an air pocket. You should smooth the batter down as you fill the pan. Also pick the pan up after it is filled and drop it back onto the counter.

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        Shalini Bhalla

        Actually I think pound cake is supposed to crack on the top. A pound cake is must denser than most cakes. The outside begins to bake first in the oven and as the heat reaches the center, it needs to expand. Thats when it cracks on the top. I wouldnt worry about it....its supposed to do that.