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Jan 7, 2004 01:18 PM

chicken liver appetizer - no pate

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I have a small container of leftover chicken livers, I would like to cook them up tonight but not sure what to do. All I have ever done is use them in bolognese or pate, but I want something different. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. Marcella Hazan has a couple of nice pasta sauces w/ chicken livers. For tagliatelle, I think. Sorry I can't remember exactly the other components. I believe the 2nd book is where to look.

    Of course, there are also infinite variations on chopped liver/crostini, so you could do something vaguely in the pate vein, but still far removed from whatever you're used to.

    1. I just saute them in butter or olive oil with some sliced onions, sliced mushrooms, salt and freshly ground black pepper and a splash of Marsala or Madeira. Delicious! If you want an exact recipe for a chicken liver marsala dish, go to the link below -- it uses proscuitto and sage, no onions and mushrooms.


      1. There's the old stand by appetizer from the 50's-60's -- Rumaki. Cut the chicken livers into bite sized pieces, wrap in half a slice of bacon and spear with a toothpick. Drizzle brown sugar or maple syrup over all and broil til done. This was my mom's favorite cocktail party dish when I was growing up.

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          I still love rumaki. Never had it with the brown sugar or syrup though. Always had it marinated in soy sauce.

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            Maybe it was soy sauce and brown sugar that it was marinated in. I don't remember the soy sauce, but it sure couldn't hurt. There's a real basic "teriyaki" marinade that includes soy sauce, brown sugar, a little rice wine, and a dash of garlic (or garlic powder). You can mix it to taste and use that, also.

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            KONA HAWAII in SA had the best for years, then in 90 they closed, thanks to Union problems.

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              You forgot the water chestnuts!

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                OMG!!! You're right!!!

            2. Battered and deep fried.

              I don't have a recipe, having never made them. But I grew up on and still dream about the fried chicken livers from Pioneer Chicken, the now-defunct chain of stores that used to be all over California. A few individually owned stores still exist, but not where I live. There are some old locations that have been converted into something entirely different, but where the demonic owners have left covered wagon shaped sign up and simply painted the name of their establishment over it. A crueler torture I cannot imagine.

              Anyway, where was I? I recommend a thick batter and fry until dark brown.


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                Sigh....Pioneer Chicken....

                The crispy skin and that hot sauce....

                Until we go to LA, my husband will never understand....

              2. Personally, I like to dip them in milk (any type except chocolate), roll them in flour and saute them with onions in olive oil until golden brown. You can also make a bunch of them the same way and use the scraps to make cream gravy to pour over the top. My grandma's old time dinner and YUMMY!!!! Eat well!