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Jan 4, 2004 09:47 PM

Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars!

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So I've recently discovered these. They are the smoothest, most velvety piece of chocolate I have ever tasted. I am addicted to them. I searched and saw that they have been discussed a couple of times but I thought I'd mention them to anyone who hadn't heard about them. Now let me get back to mine!

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  1. I too, am addicted. I buy them at Trader Joe's in So. Cal. at a pretty discount price as opposed to other sources. I have only gotten as far as the marzipan filled but I am happily stuck on those!

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      In Germany Ritter Sports cost about 50 cents (take that Hershey!). However, at the current exchange rates for the dollar compared to the Euro the cost these days is more like $2,000.

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        I have to avert my eyes when I walk by the marzipan bars because otherwise I buy one. And to me, those evil red packages are single servings.

      2. Also love these. Way better than your average candy bar, and they have ingredients like hazelnuts, which most American mass-marketed chocolates don't have.

        In addition to Marzipan, I suggest the Nougat.

        Cost Plus/World Market has these in the DC area, as does TJ. In a pinch, you can order them on line from, but I think you have to spend a minimum dollar amount.

        If ever you're in Germany (or know someone who's going), they retail over there for less than a Euro a piece -- that's no more than a dollar a bar. Available in every supermarket and the confection section of every department store.

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          The chocolate covered biscuit one is ultra creamy, smooth, and soooo good. We keep some here in the office for when we get grouchy. An excellent cure.

          1. I love them too -- I almost always get marzipan or the hazelnut. WHOLE hazelnuts in smooth milk chocolate. Mr. Smith, who claims to not like nuts in his chocolate (he is purist) inhaled half of mine the other day appreciatively.

            Anybody tried the one that's filled with the "energy-filled center of dextrose, honey, and ..." something else I can't remember? I've eyed, it but I haven't bought one yet. I'd love to hear if someone's tried them.

            Also, anyone tried the cappucino flavor?

            I'm pregnant and have my occasional chocolate rampages -- a half a Ritter sport bar is enough to usually satisfy me for a couple of days, they are so good (trying not to OD on sugar, you know....)

            Funny, I've never checked the price. I always just throw one in my cart :)

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              Yeppers, the Hazelnut ones are definite must-trys.

              Trader Joe's here in So. Cal. sometimes has them. As does Cost Plus.

            2. Has anyone got a mail-order source for these?

              -- Paul

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              1. re: Paul Lukas

                There may be others, but we've used this site -- for RS and for very good Advent calendars. Unfortunately, it looks like their pricing isn't that hot.


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                  hooterville rutabaga

                  First tried these at the NYC Chocolate Show a few years ago. They stock them at the Garden of Eden 14th Street store.