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Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars!

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So I've recently discovered these. They are the smoothest, most velvety piece of chocolate I have ever tasted. I am addicted to them. I searched and saw that they have been discussed a couple of times but I thought I'd mention them to anyone who hadn't heard about them. Now let me get back to mine!

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  1. I too, am addicted. I buy them at Trader Joe's in So. Cal. at a pretty discount price as opposed to other sources. I have only gotten as far as the marzipan filled but I am happily stuck on those!

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      In Germany Ritter Sports cost about 50 cents (take that Hershey!). However, at the current exchange rates for the dollar compared to the Euro the cost these days is more like $2,000.

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        I have to avert my eyes when I walk by the marzipan bars because otherwise I buy one. And to me, those evil red packages are single servings.

      2. Also love these. Way better than your average candy bar, and they have ingredients like hazelnuts, which most American mass-marketed chocolates don't have.

        In addition to Marzipan, I suggest the Nougat.

        Cost Plus/World Market has these in the DC area, as does TJ. In a pinch, you can order them on line from germandeli.com, but I think you have to spend a minimum dollar amount.

        If ever you're in Germany (or know someone who's going), they retail over there for less than a Euro a piece -- that's no more than a dollar a bar. Available in every supermarket and the confection section of every department store.

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          The chocolate covered biscuit one is ultra creamy, smooth, and soooo good. We keep some here in the office for when we get grouchy. An excellent cure.

          1. I love them too -- I almost always get marzipan or the hazelnut. WHOLE hazelnuts in smooth milk chocolate. Mr. Smith, who claims to not like nuts in his chocolate (he is purist) inhaled half of mine the other day appreciatively.

            Anybody tried the one that's filled with the "energy-filled center of dextrose, honey, and ..." something else I can't remember? I've eyed, it but I haven't bought one yet. I'd love to hear if someone's tried them.

            Also, anyone tried the cappucino flavor?

            I'm pregnant and have my occasional chocolate rampages -- a half a Ritter sport bar is enough to usually satisfy me for a couple of days, they are so good (trying not to OD on sugar, you know....)

            Funny, I've never checked the price. I always just throw one in my cart :)

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              Yeppers, the Hazelnut ones are definite must-trys.

              Trader Joe's here in So. Cal. sometimes has them. As does Cost Plus.

            2. Has anyone got a mail-order source for these?

              -- Paul

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                There may be others, but we've used this site -- for RS and for very good Advent calendars. Unfortunately, it looks like their pricing isn't that hot.

                Link: http://www.germandeli.com/rittersport...

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                  hooterville rutabaga

                  First tried these at the NYC Chocolate Show a few years ago. They stock them at the Garden of Eden 14th Street store.

                2. I've passed by the assorted Ritter Bars at Bay Cities in Santa Monica at least a hundred times, but never tried them. The name somehow turned me off. Always up for a good piece of chocolate I will have to grab one next time I need a hot pastrami sandwich.

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                    Becca Porter

                    I know! The name and packaging leaves alot to be desired. I passed them up for a while to. Thats why I was so shocked when I first ate one.

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                      Milk chocolate with hazelnuts -my favorite! Trader Joes carries these at a decent price. I can't remember what the decent price is, but I know it's decent.

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                        The Trader Joe's in Danbury, CT carries the bars for $1.49 apiece. They only carry Dark Chocolate with Hazlenuts and Milk Chocolate Biscuit (my fave of the 2). I asked the manager if they could order other flavors, and was told no, they can only get what the main TJ sends them.

                        This is par for the course. On these boards, Chowhounds have discussed certain items available at their local TJ's but Danbury TJ say they can't get them.

                        Our loss.

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                      torta basilica

                      'Ritter' means Knight in German. Don't know if that makes it any more appetizing or not...

                    3. I love them, I grew up with them in Germany! They have such a variety, it's amazing. If you like Ritter Sport, you'll also love "Milka". The package is like a normal chocolate bar, and the wrapping is purple. Lots of German import stores carry a big variety.

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                        A german friend of my daughter's gave her lots of miniature Milkas and real german gummi bears for Christmas... Between the Milkas and the Ritter Sports Bars, American massmarket candy districutors should be ashamed.

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                          Right on. I can not bring myself to eat anything hershey's. To me, It takes like watered down greasy chocolate, that's the only way I can describe it. I am lucky to live where I live and have the good fortune of having great import stores right on my block that carry Milka, Kinder Schokolade, Real Gummi Bears and Ritter Sport year-round. Plenty of stores that carry this stuff also stared buying into other German Candy as well. If you ever see "Bounty" (kinda like Mounds, only 100 times better) get it. It's really good without being ueber-sweet.


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                            Any chance your sources are in the Washington, DC area? Or in NJ? I go nuts trying to find Kinder Schokolade about once a year as a gift from my adult brother -- it's one of his childhood favorites. While in Germany last November (first time in a long while), I noted that they sell Kinder-everything -- Advent calendars, eggs, bigger bars, bars with waffle-type cookies, bars with hazelnuts, etc. They seem to be marketing them to kids and adults now.

                            Right on about the Bounty too! Oddly, my mom and I have had lots of trouble finding Kokosflocken (about the same thing, but in bite-size form and not a brand name) when in Germany.

                            Once upon a time, Oma would send a Christmas package full of this stuff...

                            1. re: T in DC

                              If you are looking for the good German chocolate in DC, try the German Gourmet in Falls Church. It is a tiny little shop on Rte. 29, about 1.5 miles from the intersection of 29 and 7, heading away from DC. They are online too, www.german-gourmet.com. I can find so many different types of German candies there.

                              1. re: Samantha

                                Bless you! I forgot all about this place.


                              2. re: T in DC

                                Sorry, I'm in NY :-( There's plenty of online shops though that carry most of the stuff, not always however. The one store I can think of was already mentioned, germandeli.com.

                                I used them all the time before everyone in my hood started carrying all those goodies. Their shippping has become a bit expensive in the recent past, however if you stock up, I guess it's worth it.

                                My parents who live in Germany keep sending me X-mas candy for the holidays, I love them for it! They stopped sending me all the things I can now get here, but whenever I got back (once ayear) I load up my suitcase with things, too. Thankfully I was never stopped at customs... knock on wood.

                                Are the Kokosflocken a seasonal item for X-mas? In Germany lots of Candy is sold seasonally, even things like Asbach Uralt - or other booze filled candy - is not sold in the summer for example, because transport would ruin the chocolate shells. So it could be that Kokosflocken are only sold in the fall & winter.

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                                  Living in DC I discovered Ritter. At Mozart they carry every flavor I have ever seen, about 2$ a bar. It was in walking distance from my office so I went about every day. haha.

                          2. I'm partial to the rum-raisin flavor-- chock full
                            of nuts and rum soaked raisins. The ones from Germany are pretty boozy... yum!

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                              Yeah, I think the original rum-raisin-hazelnut is the best, most time-tested Ritter candy bar. In Germany there is a "Trueffel" liqueur line that includes Bailey's and Amaretto among others. There's also an "Italian" line that includes Tiramisu and Stracciatella (neither of these two is very good).

                              In Europe, Milka sells a birthday chocolate bar that has the Milka cow and candles in white chocolate. The point of Ritter, and especially Milka, in Europe is that it's cheap. The chocolate quality is obviously not particularly good, and the flavor profile is really tailored to children or adults acting like children. So when I see Milka/Ritter sold in NY at almost the same price as Valrhona, I rarely buy the Milka/Ritter.

                              1. re: Reece

                                I disagree that Milka and Ritter are poor quality and cost as much as Valhrona. Comparing mass produced confections with designer coverture chocolate is like comparing off the rack, ready to wear clothing with designer boutique fashion.

                                Although Milka and Ritter may be mass produced, for what they are they are pretty good, and far outshine Hershey and most American products, in my humble opinion.

                                One small chocolate piece at designer boutique La Maison du Chocolat will set you back about $2.00, .50 cents more than a full size Ritter Sports Bar.

                                Both are good, and both have their place in the chocoworld.

                            2. I know this is pretty old post, but I'm just so amazed that one can find Ritter almost anywhere nowadays!! Even at Target, movie theaters and the Asian grocery (I just saw yesterday at a Korean market)!! A few years ago, it was unheard of and mostly likely only found in few specialty grocery shoppes. I also first learned of Ritter Sport while shopping at Trader Joes. They only carried (and still carry) two varieties: the dark chocolate with hazelnuts and the milk chocolate biscuit (by the way, I hear that they now have a dark chocolate biscuit...can't find it in my area yet). I was impressed with the taste, the crunch and the fact that there wasn't all these nasty artificial unpronouncable ingredients in it. I rarely touch candybars like Snickers and Hersheys, but sometimes I need something with more substance than plain expensive premium European chocolate bars. I need something for the "common people" that is full of goodness but without all the high fructose and such. And thank goodness Ritter came into my life...>=) I think it is of fine quality and very enjoyable for all ages.

                              I was in Heaven when I visited a German Walmart and there was basically a whole aisle for Ritter. My ultimate favorite is the Ritter Sport Pfefferminz (Peppermint). If anyone lives in the DC metropolitan area, you can find a wider variety at Rodman's...but alas, I still cannot find the peppermint flavor anywhere. I have to ask my sis to send a bunch to me from Germany along with some dark chocolate covered gummi bears...MMMMMM!!

                              1. I looove the milk chocolate/cornflake Ritter bars!

                                1. I have fond memories of my German and Swiss relatives leaving these Ritter bars on our pillows when staying at their houses in Germany and Switzerland. What a treat!

                                  1. I became addicted to the Jougert (I think that is the way they spell it) Ritter Sport bars over 30 years ago in Germany. I credit them with beginning my chocolate obsession. Creamy, sweet with just a bit of tart.

                                    1. Funny, I was assuming that by clicking on your name, I could see your profile and find out where you are. No dice. But if you happen to be in NYC, I just would mention that there's a little place on East 39th that has Ritter's discounted.

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                                        I've actually found them at an Eckerd pharmacy. But now that they've been bought out by RiteAid, I may have lost that source. My daughter brought Ritter Sport home from her school exchange trip to Germany and got us all addicted!

                                        1. re: AmyH

                                          At least, in the San Francisco area, Walgreens has them. And they put them on sale fairly regularly. I don't know whether to be unhappy or grateful that TJ's doesn't carry the marzipan ones, as I find them hard to pass up.

                                        2. re: Fida

                                          What store?? My office building is at Grand Central.

                                          It's so funny, I've grown up in NYC seeing these all over the place but never really gave them a second though cos their packaging was just bleh. I do love Milka chocolate though.

                                        3. ooooh, I looooove the Ritter yoghurt!!! it's sooooo good! little tangy,mmmm
                                          milka is also very very good, like the plain one and the strawberry yoghurt!
                                          I know they have both here in Florida at Target and Super Target!! so I'm sure you can find them near you!

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                                          1. re: mariekeac

                                            I too just discovered Ritter this year!! I never went for them although I've seen them around. One day I tried the dark cocolate mousse (because dark is supposedly healthier) and never turned back. I went to their website and found out they are called "sport" because back in the 40's or so they fit perfectly into a mens sport jacket pocket. How sexist is that? Woman like them too! LOL

                                            1. re: chocchipcookie

                                              Thanks for solving that mystery for me (of course, I'm online all the time but never managed to get over there!) They're available at most supermarkets in Canada - and all over Toronto. My fav = corn flakes.

                                              1. re: redleaf55

                                                The corn flake one is my favorite too!

                                          2. the biscuit bar is irresistable to me. i like the yogurt (jogurt) bar pretty well, and haven't tried the cornflake bar yet, but it sounds intriguing. though i can't imagine anything better than the really creamy chocolate and the buttery, crunchy biscuit part. swoon.

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                                            1. re: potterybliss

                                              i too love the biscuit and yogurt bars, so given our similar prefrences, i will tell you the cornflake bar is great too... trader joe's baby.

                                              1. re: Emme

                                                i am sooooo lucky that trader joe's finally opened on my side of town in atlanta! every time i shop there it seems like a biscuit bar just jumps into my basket...

                                            2. Try Milka. It is even better.

                                              1. i love them too. my favorite are the ones with Corn Flakes in them.

                                                1. I had been sticking with the marzipan ones, but branched out to cappachino last time, and I think that one's my new favorite.

                                                  1. There is little edible chocolate available here in China but thankfully these are available.

                                                    1. Has anyone tried the diet versions? I am curious to know if they are any good.