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Jan 4, 2004 08:59 PM

tuna in oil vs wise

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I asked below about water leaching nutrients out of tuna vs. tuna in oil. After comparing the nutrient values from the FDA for 100 grams of white tuna, it appears that the tuna in oil is the healthier choice. It is higher in most nutrients, lower in cholersterol and the calorie difference is not significant. The tuna in water is higher in vitamin A, selenium, and calcium. Maybe someone with more nutrition experience could look at them and shed some light on the comparison. Thanks for everyone's imput.

Tuna in water:

Tuna in oil:

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  1. It was not clear to me which kind of oil and the testing is done with drained tuna and, in practice, not sure how severely folks who like theirs in oil would drain. Nutritionally I do not see great differences, but the tuna in oil is about 50% higher in calories and this is a significant amount which may be important to some people. Both are quite high in sodium, but again, I do not know exactly what the FDA tests.