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Dec 31, 2003 12:26 AM

Storing Truffles

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We've just been gifted with fresh black truffles. Is there another alternative to storing them in rice? Can they be frozen?

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  1. Frozen, yes.

    Rice is actually, how do I say this, dumb. It is actually recommended for white truffles more so than black, but stupid. Rice absorbs liquid and smell, but to use the rice you then boil/steam for 18-ish minutes. Do you ever use fresh white truffles by cooking for 18 minutes? no.

    Enough soapbox, wrap in saran (or plastic, but saran is better), then in aluminum foil. Then in a closed container (even a baggie with a tie) and into the freezer. It will keep.

    Black truffles are used cooked (vs white that are used raw, shaved on finished food), so slice fresh from the freezer into the eventual dish.

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      Martha McDonald

      Thank you, Steve. You confirmed what my non-truffle cooking experience told me, but I needed to be sure about the freezing. It would be sinful to ill-use such a wonderful gift.

    2. You actually can restrain yourself from eating all the black truffles at once, in every dish you make? You aren't getting up at 2 in the morning just to use up the leftovers in yet another panful of scrambled eggs? You haven't hauled out every black truffle recipe you have and made them all? You ACTUALLY want to STORE and save these truffles for LATER????

      This kind of willpower rather amazes me.

      Just how many truffles do you have? I never even get my hands on enough truffles to make me "sort of" sick of them. The most I ever got my hands on at one time was 2.5 ounces -- and I made a total of 4 dishes with them in two days until they were all gone. Yum, that was a darn good two days.

      Do you have like a kilo of them? How much truffle would it take to actually consider not eating and FREEZING it to have later? (I wouldn't do this by the way -- I can't imagine that the aroma and taste would be as good as fresh, and fresh truffles aren't something that fall in your lap all the time.... well, maybe in YOUR lap, but certainly not in mine)

      I'm sorry to be so incredulous, I just haven't run into this incredible request before. Most people I know who get truffles just bemoan the fact that they don't have more!

      Can I be your neighbor? I'd definitely mow your lawn/shovel your snow/wash your dog to get a meal or two at your house :)

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        Rex Swartzendruber

        As a collector and purveyor of Oregon Truffles, I am able to speak with some experience about our soft truffles. Oregon Black Truffles (what happened to this year's crop?) are very nice frozen whole. Oregon White Truffles are ok frozen whole but the resulting flavor is the same as if they were cooked while fresh. The frozen truffles lose that indescribable aroma that is really not tasted on the tongue but "experienced" in the front part of the brain.

        Storing truffles in uncooked rice works well to "cure" white truffles until their aroma "comes up." Any truffles that the rice sticks to are ready to use or must be stabilized (frozen, cooked, etc.) very soon.

        Many of my customers that are chefs will make and freeze a compound butter out of any truffles that they are not able use fresh. There is a body of information emerging on the Internet about truffles with more info than would be digestable here. As part of my contribution to this body of knowledge, I have published truffle handling suggestions and a link to the Internet Truffle FAQ that discusses butters, oils, etc.- a must read for a real chowhound.



        1. I strongly recommend eating your Truffles as soon as possible after receiving them as Truffles are best eaten fresh. However, If you want to freeze Truffles they will retain their flavour and aroma for a short while if frozen in olive oil or vegetable stock.