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Dec 30, 2003 09:04 PM

Full Fat Yogurt?

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I've now checked 2 large stores looking for full fat yogurt, either flavored or plain. No such thing to be found! Does a national brand still make this? Ninety percent of what I saw was fat-free, and the other ten percent was low fat. I remember yogurt being tangier and more flavorful when I first started eating it 20 years ago, so wanted to try full fat to see if that makes the difference.

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  1. Brown Cow. I hope it's still around. It even had a nice thick cream layer on top, so good!!

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    1. re: Sweet Pea

      Stonyfield is great but if you see Total (the Greek yogurt) you should try it at least once. It turns up in Whole Foods and Trader Joe's around here. It's more expensive because of being imported, but the taste is really special. I use it in places where you might use creme fraiche, like putting a dollop in soup. There is a lower-fat Total and it is almost as good.

      1. re: bibi rose

        I like the Stonyfield Farms organic plain whole milk yogurt-- it only comes in the larger size (2 pints?) in a beige and red container-- it's available in most Northeast supermarkets, including Shaws, Stop & Shop, and Big Y.

      2. re: Sweet Pea

        I second the Brown Cow (I think the version I buy is called "Top Cream" or "Top Milk"), which I can get at Whole Foods. The chocolate flavor is great (and I never would have thought to like chocolate yogurt).

        1. re: emily
          The Dairy Queen

          Cream top? ;-)


      3. Stoneyfield Farms may have a full fat offering. And have you considered making your own?

        1. I just bought a quart of Stonyfield Farms organic whole milk yogurt today. I eat a ton of it. And Sweet Pea is right, making your own is easy. But the Stonyfield is good. I like their vanilla flavored whole milk yogurt too.

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          1. re: Pat Hammond

            Stonyfield Whole Fat OR...better yet...Redwood Whole Fat GOAT MILK YOgurt, as goats milk is better for humans than cows milk.

            1. re: Chicago Mike

              Why (or how) is goat's milk better for humans that cow's?


              1. re: Raconteur
                The Dairy Queen

                A link for you. Dr. Weil is the current pop guru on nutrition. Unfortunately the additional link HE suggests comparing sheep vs goat vs cow milk is broken, which is too bad as I would have liked to have looked at it.

                I've also heard that goat cheeses have less sodium than cow cheeses. I don't know if there is a similar issue with the milk itself.



                1. re: Raconteur
                  The Dairy Queen

                  And here are the folks at the Wellness Letter who seem to disagree with some of Dr Weil's complaints about cow's milk, debunking them as myths. They don't seem to have an opinion on the nutritional value of goat's milk.



                  1. re: Raconteur

                    Don't know if "better" is the right term, but I have a lactose intolerent friend who cannot eat cow milk products but can eat goat and sheep milk products, as they are lower in lactose.

                    Actually, before posting, I decided to do an interet search to see if this was really the case, and I found this link which says that if somebody has trouble with cow milk products but can have goat/sheep products, they may be allergic to casein, a protein only in cow milk rather than lactose intolerent. I'll have to forward this link to my friend.


                    1. re: Raconteur

                      Is there a three-letter name for goat's milk?

                2. Total yogurt imported from Greece may be what you are looking for-You can find it at Fairway-

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                  1. re: eileen

                    They also have Total (full fat, cream on top) yogurt at Food Emporium - at least the big one at 59th & First. As long as they carry it in one of their stores, the manager at your local store can order it for you.

                  2. Very small kids need more fat in their diets (or so we are told) so there are a bunch of full-fat brands oriented for them. Our 2 year old loves a Dannon full-fat brand called La Creme, which is not overtly a kids' brand; it comes in vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, peach, and banana, all of them pretty good and not oversweet, even for adults. Not sure where you are, but this brand is available in most of the stores in LA, along with kids' brands that you may find (as we do) to be too sweet or tainted with artificial flavor.

                    And we are also devoted to Total Greek yogurt (available at Trader Joe's, and mentioned by eileen), although we actually prefer the lowfat version, which we find to have more sass and tang than the full fat. This stuff is great with honey (in addition to the Greek honey sometimes supplied along with the yogurt, clover, orange blossom, and avocado honeys work especially well, eucalyptus and sage honeys less so); or flavored with a jam of your choice (among our successful experiments have been quince, apricot, Bonne Maman's "Four Fruits", Persian sour cherry, and gooseberry).