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Favorite sushi

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If you could only eat one type of sushi for the rest of your life, for example tuna nigiri or spicy salmon rolls, what would it be and why? I'm just starting to eat sushi and I don't have a favorite yet. In fact, I'll use responses to this question for ideas of what to try next.

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  1. I'm going to cheat a little... My favorite nigiri sushi is Shiro Maguro (Albacore) and my favorite maki sushi is a roll made at a local place (Chicago area) that they call a Mexican Roll (maguro, hamachi, sake (salmon), avocado, cucumber, jalapeno and cilantro, served with lime and spicy mayo).

    1. Favorite nigiri sushi is hamachi (yellowtail). It's also great cooked (the cut known as hamachi kama).

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        Bride of the Juggler

        My favorite nigiri sushi is mackerel (regular or Spanish mackerel). It is oilier than other fish, and has more texture, which I think enhance the flavor.

        1. hands down it would be hotategai (scallop)... sushi or sashimi

          1. My favorite? Jeez Louise, that's like asking which one of my kids I like the best!

            If I had to choose (sushi, not kids), I guess it'd have to be toro (tuna belly)....

            1. One might think that the same sushi would be the same always, everywhere, but such is not the case. For reasons I don't understand, some sushi purveyors seem to specialize in certain types of fish or certain presentations. Also some items can be superb one night, but just OK another. So when I find a sushi bar that I like, I try to make friends with the sushiya, find out what is most fresh or seasonal or unusual that evening, and order those items. And my one other piece of advice is to be very sparing when using soy and wasabi. Cherish the fish!


              1. My favorite is maguro - tuna - and I always include a piece or two in my order. All the kinds of tuna seem special to me.

                I order a piece or two of unagi - eel - and eat it at the end, sort of like dessert, because it's cooked (usually a barbecue sauce) and sweet.

                Where we go most often (Mikado, in Cherry Hill, NJ) I am addicted to the Dragon Roll, which contains eel, avocado, apple, sesame seeds on the outside, and I don't remember what else - but I love it.

                Keep experimenting with different tastes, just the way you are doing, and you will soon have your own favorites. Isn't it great to have new discoveries in food?

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                  I just discovered Dragon Roll! I have to agree with Ed, though - I always get what's on the chalkboard. I had some pompano one night that melted in my mouth! It was my favorite "that" night.

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                    I hate to admit that unagi is one of my favorite things to eat. As sushi or just make a bowl of rice. I broil some unagi brushed with some homemade ponzu sauce and just lay it on top of the rice and pour the hot sauce over the whole thing. I guess this would be a homemade unagi don.

                    Other than unagi I really love all types of tuna and the sweeter tasting fish. I just can't seem to enjoy raw shrimp because of the texture, I find it a bit cloying and pasty if that makes sense. Others love it so it's just a personal thing, but then everything about sushi is. I am not into maki that much and prefer nigiri. For the oilier and heavier tasting fish I like them in sunomono. Just sashimi pieces in a sweet vinegar marinade which cuts the heaviness and releases hidden flavors.

                    On rare occasions I like the spicy tuna, even though the spicy mayo sauce does cover up the fish flavor. I tend to get this at places where the fish isn't that great.

                    I hate fancy nouveau sushi like that place in NYC, I think called Ginger, makes. All these fancy sushi that taste like peanut butter or banana or sesame oil. Most of the time I want to taste the fish. I am starting to move more towards sashimi than nigiri so that I can focus on the fish.

                    So far I just can't seem to like uni. But I will continue to try it every now and then.

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                      Did you say "homemade ponzu sauce"? Please, how do you make it?

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                        There are a million variations and my recipe changes upon my mood. The basics are some dark soy sauce- not the light or low salt types since I do water it down quite a bit, about 30-50% water, sugar or honey or maple syrup or brown sugar, and a dash of that powdered fake wasabi horseradish green stuff. Sometimes a splash of rice vinegar or some citrus juice... just a squirt. I bring to a boil and let simmer for about 5 minutes. Sometimes I add a bit of any of the following: cayenne, ginger juice or syrup, mirin, toasted sesame oil, konbu, bonito flakes, etc. Also sometimes I leave it thin and sometimes thicken it with preferably water chestnut starch or cornstarch.

                        I use variations of this sauce for unagi, teriyaki, sashimi, tataki, dumplings, etc. The milder the flavor of what gets dipped into it the simpler the recipe and the stronger the food the more complex the recipe.

                        Have fun playing around with this and enjoy. I usually make about a pint to a quart at a time in case it comes out real good and then I jar the leftovers and stick it in the fridge for a handy dipping sauce.

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                          Thanks for taking the time, Jonathan. You leave me plenty of room for experimentation! I'm going to toss in some lemon zest; I got a microplane for Chirstmas! pat

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                            Pat, you will adore the microplane. I thought my old zester was good until the microplane changed my life.

                            It's also good for cheese. Enjoy!

                  2. The cut of smoked salmon belly that Tetsuo at Hama-Ko in SF normally saves for himself and his wife. If I could have this for the rest of my life, I'd be willing to give up all other fish.

                    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

                    1. Welcome to the wonderful world of sushi!

                      My advice would be to try everything atleast once, you never know what may surprise you.

                      A current favorite is uni (sea urchin). I love this stuff. Growing up, my father used to order it all the time and I thought it looked awful. Then one day, about 6 years ago, it suddenly looked delicious.

                      I really coldn't choose just one though. My other top 3 would be hamachi (yellow tail), ikura (salmon roe) and natto (fermented soy beans).

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                        Natto? Very brave. Never had it, but it looks disgusting (like spoiled soybean rice krispie treats) and I understand it's an acquired taste even among Japanese. Could you describe the taste? I've tried durian so I'm thinking of giving it a shot.

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                          Really more slimy than anything. Kinda like mountain yam.

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                            Natto makes me think of cheese, and I don't find it particularly overwhelming- certainly not as much as durian is. But it is quite sticky in texture.

                            My favourite dish at Ootoya, a Japanese chain restuarant, has a bowl of rice topped with natto, sliced raw okra, tuna sashimi, grated mountain yam, and a raw egg. I call it 'slimy stuff on rice', but it's surprisingly good.

                            My favourite sashimis are uni, salmon roe,and scallops, in part because they tend to be more expensive, and I get them less often. I did totally pig out on uni in Santiago, where you can get it by the plateful in the fish market.

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                            A judge on Iron Chef, when discussing the episode's secret ingredient, said resignedly (I'm paraphrasing), "Some days you get homard lobsters, and some days you get natto."

                        2. I'm going to get some sushi this weekend. I'll try some of these and tell how I liked them.

                          1. Love all kinds of different sushi but if I have to pick up favourits, it would either be toro aburi or buri. One make Toro aburi by taking a piece of o-toro and torching one side with a torch light. The torching helps to release the oil flavor of the fish and I can't stop eating it when I am at Tsukiji. Buri is something that I have recently sampled and told that it is a close cousin of hamachi (though I have no idea what it actually is).

                            1. My favourite sushi has to be toro, there's something about the fresh flavor and the texture. Also I love unagi, the first time I tried it was when I visited Japan on a school trip and I've been addicted to it since. Oh and the delicious bursting ocean-flavored ikura! Yum:)

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                                Interesting, unagi and chu-toro for me as well.

                              2. Salmon with just a little bit of lemon squeezed on top with or without rice. It is so difficult to choose a favorite.

                                1. You realize this is a 7 year old thread?

                                  Anyway-I could never pick just one, but a perfect piece of bluefin toro is tough to beat.

                                    1. Kinmedai, akagai, buri, bafun uni, and chu-toro.

                                      1. Whatever is currently in season is the key, and then picking my favorites from the lineup for maximum results. No pointing eating favorite fish when off season. Right now, pike mackeral sashimi (sanma) is fantastic, especially if lightly seared with a blowtorch which magically draws out the fatty oily goodness. Then Santa Barbara uni season is coming up shortly unless natural factors mess up the schedules again. Otherwise Boston uni is ok, but Hokkaido uni (murasaki or bafun which I prefer) is yummay.

                                        1. Amaebi, uni, and ikura. Darn...now I want some!

                                          1. ONE type? That's too hard.

                                            My favorites are ikura, squid, eel, uni for nigiri, yellowtail scallion hand roll and salmon skin hand roll for maki.

                                            1. I'm going to cheat and say chirashi.

                                              1. Cant go wrong with Namahamu,
                                                Only found here in Umeda, Osaka

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                                                  Usuzukuri with whatever whitefish the itamae recommends. Drool. Now I want a plate.