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Searching for: Seven Up Candy Bar

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Does anybody remember the Seven Up Bar? One bar with seven different pillows of filling in each? Last time I checked into this, it was an item of the past that is no longer being made. Does anybody know who the original maker was and if by chance it is being made now?

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  1. Wasn't that a Sky Bar? New England Confection Company still makes it in a limited amount according to the Food Channel.

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      Necco's Skybar is similar, but different.

    2. galcos mkt in l.a. is known for its WIDE variety of soda, beer and old fashioned candy. i just browsed the website and did not see this particular candy bar (but there are lots of other good ones).

      you might try calling them to see if they can get a lead on this particular candy. they do a big mail order business (i'm lucky enough to live down the street from them, tho!).

      Link: http://www.sodapopstop.com/home.cfm

      1. I recall a similar bar, possibly made by Cadbury or Rowntree. I think it was called "Treasures" or "Treasure Chest," something like that, because each square had a different filling. Haven't seen it in years, though.

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          Jill Rovitzky Black

          I believe it was made by Pearson's Candy, but it's not mentioned on their web site. You might want to contact them and ask.

          Link: http://www.pearsoncandy.com/

          1. try the ECONOMY CANDY website linked below. this cool old candy store on new york's lower east side has lots of hard to find stuff. i pick up my supply of sen-sen there. if they still make it, EC will prob have it or they can get it.

            Link: http://www.economycandy.com/aboutus/

            1. According to hometownfavorites.com, Pearson's Seven-up Bar is no longer made.

              Link: http://www.hometownfavorites.com/shop...

              1. OMG!

                I have asked other foodies, over the years, if they remembered SevenUp Bars...no one did. In fact, some people thought they were a figment of my imagination.

                I used to buy one out of the vending machine every week while my mom was having her hair done...I think that was probably about 1970. I wish all those hours I spent waiting for her amongst clouds of hair spray and billows of cigarette smoke in the beauty parlor were the real "figment of my imagination"! Yeck.

                The SevenUp Bar made the waiting much more tolerable!!!

                1. I haven't thought about Seven Up candy bars in years, but they were among my favorites in the 1950s in northwest New Mexico. The variety that each bite offered appealed to me. When I bought one, many is the time a friend would ask for the one section that was their favorite. They never would buy the candy bar and give me the other six sections. As I recall, the brazil nut was the only section that I was never asked to share - and it was probably the best of all, in my opinion.

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                    The portion that was best to me, that I always saved until last, was the orange jelly. That was my introduction to the wonderfulness that happens when chocolate and citrus intertwine. A whole bunch of years later, visiting my sister and her family in Italy (US military, not natives), I had just about decided that my young nephews were irredeemable hellions, but then learned that they were both addicted to lemon and chocolate gelato together on a cone. This gave me hope for their souls, and in fact they did become nicely human later on.

                    My first 7-Up bars came out of a vending machine in an elementary school (!!) in Illinois, ca. 1950; I kept buying them into high school, then hit a local source for Van Houten's chocolate bars with orange, and transferred my allegiance.

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                      ..."to the wonderfulness that happens when chocolate and citrus intertwine".

                      Posts such as these are one reason we love you, Monseigneur Owen

                  2. I was thinking about this bar today. It was the Trudeau Company, but 7-up soda company bought the trademark & discontinued the bar.. I loved the brazil nut section but hated the orange section. http://www.neatorama.com/2007/05/14/1...

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                      Pearson's bought out Trudeau in 1951. It was mostly high manufacturing costs that caused Pearson's Candy of St. Paul to discontinue the Seven Up Candy Bar in 1979.

                    2. Similar thing here was Treasures, with maraschino cherryl, dark chocolate, turkish delight, vanilla, orange and coffee fillings.
                      Anyone remember the ole WigWag bar? Cinnamon Danish (and it's poor cousin Lemon Danish)? Sigh..good memories...

                      1. Loved the Seven Up candy bar! I also miss the Milk Shake candy bar. At my local swimming pool in the 70's, the concession stand sold both candy bars, but the Milk Shake one was extra special as they stuck them in the freezer. They nearly broke your teeth off in their frozen state. On a one hundred degree day that was a good thing!

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                            Many Cracker Barrels also sell the Sky Bar. Hmmm, have one in the drawer...

                        1. I think I have seen then in The Vermont Country Store catalogue. You can look online.

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                            You may have seen something similar but it was not the Seven Up candy bar last made in 1979 by Pearson's Candy Company. They relinquished any ownership they once had to the name and they no longer have the equipment used in manufacturing the chocolate candy.