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Dec 19, 2003 05:42 PM

Searching for: Seven Up Candy Bar

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Does anybody remember the Seven Up Bar? One bar with seven different pillows of filling in each? Last time I checked into this, it was an item of the past that is no longer being made. Does anybody know who the original maker was and if by chance it is being made now?

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  1. Wasn't that a Sky Bar? New England Confection Company still makes it in a limited amount according to the Food Channel.

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      Necco's Skybar is similar, but different.

    2. galcos mkt in l.a. is known for its WIDE variety of soda, beer and old fashioned candy. i just browsed the website and did not see this particular candy bar (but there are lots of other good ones).

      you might try calling them to see if they can get a lead on this particular candy. they do a big mail order business (i'm lucky enough to live down the street from them, tho!).

      Link: http://www.sodapopstop.com/home.cfm

      1. I recall a similar bar, possibly made by Cadbury or Rowntree. I think it was called "Treasures" or "Treasure Chest," something like that, because each square had a different filling. Haven't seen it in years, though.

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          Jill Rovitzky Black

          I believe it was made by Pearson's Candy, but it's not mentioned on their web site. You might want to contact them and ask.

          Link: http://www.pearsoncandy.com/

          1. try the ECONOMY CANDY website linked below. this cool old candy store on new york's lower east side has lots of hard to find stuff. i pick up my supply of sen-sen there. if they still make it, EC will prob have it or they can get it.

            Link: http://www.economycandy.com/aboutus/