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How long is tomato sauce good once opened?

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I have a half jar of nice sauce in the fridge that I opened two weeks ago today. Is it still OK? What about "fresh" sauces once they are opened? any difference?

thanks, sorry such an elementary question

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  1. There is no such thing as a firm OK or not OK. It depends on the temperature is was stored at, how long it was kept at room temp after opening, and among other things how much bacteria "got in" when you opened it.
    My genereal rule, if there's nothing fuzzy growing in it, heat it thoroughly and you should be OK.

    1. It's been my experience that the mold starts on the bottom of the lid. If I don't see any and it taste ok, I use it. Sometimes it goes in a week, sometimes it's ok after 3 or 4.

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        They're right, mold will be the sign. It depends so much on the ingedients as to how soon it will happen.

        1. It seems to last longer for me if I put it in a glass jar. My experience has been that it starts to get a metallic taste if left in the can too long. Lined cans help, but I always put leftover spaghetti sauce, V-8, tomato sauce, etc. in glass.

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            Umm, it's already in a jar, isn't it?

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              No, I was referring to those tomato products I buy in cans. Obviously, a jarred sauce would stay jarred.

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                Sorry, I thought you were answering the OP's question
                "I have a half jar of nice sauce... "

          2. Tomato sauce can also ferment, and get a tangy taste.

            Look for small bubbles on top, around the edge of the container.

            FYI, even if it has gone bad, it will not be dangerous to eat, it will just taste bad.

            1. Now that all the "gone bad" issues are settled, I have a suggestion for next time...Since I've had too many of those jars grow mold, half-way done, I pour the sauce into one-cup plastic containers and freeze it as soon as I open the jar (or can)...easy enough to defrost quickly when you need them, out of harms way before you can forget about them.

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                Excellent idea. Sounds like something I would do. I think I will.

              2. My rules of thumb: 1) If it smells okay, it's probably safe to taste it. 2) If it tastes okay, it's probably safe to eat. 3) For extra insurance add a cup of water and bring to a slow boil/high simmer for several minutes. You may want a splatter guard. The extra water will boil off, leaving you with a sauce of desired consistency.

                1. Thanks for the replies. I ate it. It was fine...but not as good as I remembered from two weeks ago...hmmm.

                  The freezing idea is smart and one I should have thought of long before.