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Dec 18, 2003 11:39 AM

nutella recipes?

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i'm currently in the throes of a nutella obsession and am wondering if anybody has any great nutella recipes (cookies, brownies, cake, ice cream etc)they'd like to share. nutella toast/fruit is a classic but i think i'm ready to move on to something more advanceed.

i've done some research on the web but i prefer to spend my limited resources ( money and time) on recipes that others have tried and liked.


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    nutella fanatic

    I'm sure you've already discovered this on your own, but a very short zap in the microwave makes nutella into fondue, suitable for dipping stawberries. You can also just put it into a fondue pot with heat below. How I love nutella!

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      nuke marshmallows, put them plus nutella between two slices of french toast

    2. Have you tried it between the layers of a cake? Works well there.

      1. My absolute favorite use for Nutella is as a filling for crepes. Classic french preparation. Yum!

        Your post inspired me to check out the Nutella website, and although I know you are looking for some tried and true recipes, there were some very fun and interesting ideas there, including one for "Nutella Dogs." Linked below.


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          I love it with crepes too. Try a crepe with nutella and banana too.

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            Oh my, oh my, ok folks, take a trip to Tahiti, and buy a freshly baked crossiant (sp?) first thing in the morning at the local marche, filled with Nutella with an amazing cup of espresso. Pure heaven. OK, you are in Tahiti, but the Nutella, oh my the Nutella!!

          2. An Italian friend of mine used Nutella as a filling for a Pandoro (traditional Italian Christmas cake). She would cut the Pandoro in layers and spread Nutella on it.

            1. I'm in the middle of the same obsession but maybe I've crossed the line--I'm now tinkering with my own homemade versions. I make a hazelnut butter paste and then (where I'm at now) add chocolate--semi sweet is what all the receipes call for but I'm experimenting with a bit of semi and a bit of bittersweet.

              Nutella is wonderful but if you spend time in Italy eating the gourmet versions of this product you quickly become spoiled. Nutella on toast with peanut butter is excellent...melted in the microwave and then poured over sliced bananas and sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts...