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Dec 13, 2003 04:16 PM

chopping dates

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Can a regular Cuisinart blade chop dates? If not, what's the best way? I'm about to try the cookie recipe that Candy was kind enough to post, but the cup of chopped dates stopped me cold. Thanks.

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  1. I had an aunt who was well known around town for her date and nut bread. She used to keep a tall glass of hot water nearby to dip the knife blade into. I wonder if you could toss some of the flour from the recipe into the food processor with the dates. That might help. (Can you tell that I'm not much of a baker?)

    1. My wife uses her food processor.

      1. I'd think pulsing carefully would be fine in Cuisinart--but I'd check those dates pretty carefully to make sure no pits remain before putting them in bowl.

        1. Why not just use the dates that come already chopped (e.g., Sunsweet)? I baked with them this afternoon and they were fine. I take any shortcut I can find this time of year.

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            I didn't know that you could buy packages of chopped dates so thanks for the info, but since I already have a package of whole dates, I'm really happy to know that I can chop them in the food processor. As always, I'm grateful for all the helpful information on this board.

          2. I pit and chop dates with a knife, but there's no reason you couldn't use a food processor in short bursts (adding a little flour is a good idea). I've also used the boxed chopped dates (Sunsweet and Dole package them). They're a bit drier and chewier than freshly chopped dates. The fresh ones add a little more moisture and sweetness to the finished product - and you can also choose what variety of date you use - the flavors, sweetness, and moisture content vary.