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Dec 11, 2003 11:11 AM

Test your Chicken Knowledge

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Take the attached quiz about chickens and eggs and find out how expert you are. The answers are on the last page (but don't cheat!)

How did you do?


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  1. On a brief visit to University of Wisconsin, majored in BEER, not meat science...thanks Gary!

    1. Hate to say it...I'm STILL NOT SURE...the oysters are on the BACK, not under the thigh!...WOW!

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      1. re: Mike R.

        Next time you've got a whole chicken flip it over on to the breast. Then work your fingers down the backbone, about 1/2"-3/4" past where the ribs attach to the backbone you should feel a meaty indent. This is where the oysters are. It's easier to find them in a cooked bird than a raw one :-). And, they are the BEST part of any bird. Equivalent to the tenderloin in beef or pork. The oyster from the Thanksgiving turkey was always the fight in our family since there are only 2 of them per bird, and far more than 2 of us!

        1. re: Gayla

          I make absolutely certain I'm hovering around the bird when surgery begins...OY-OY!

          1. re: Gayla

            When I was small (the youngest of 3) and we had fried chicken for dinner, I always wanted the back. Nobody EVER wanted that boney piece and I never mentioned the oysters; just quietly ate them and moved on to the next piece.

        2. 13 of 25. Considering I knew about 5, not bad.

            1. Way more than I want to know about chicken . Give me a big cleaver and a bird , ok ? I 'll make it taste good . Oysters come from Acme .