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Extra-coarse grits

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Anyone know where I can mail order these? I'm trying to duplicate the shrimp and grits recipe of a local restaurant and they use very, very coarse grits (there's baby-pea-size tender white corn fragments in it-- very different from any other grits I've had). I saw a bag of Goya hominy that looks like it might do the job(posole, I believe it's referred to as).

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  1. I love the stoned ground grits from Falls Mill (www.fallsmill.com tel. # 931 469-7161). If you do a CH search and type in "great grits" you'll get a thread that mentions this as well as several other sources for grits.

    1. Here's an online sources for coarse grits:

      Link: http://www.hoppinjohns.com/cgi-bin/sc...

      1. The current issue of the "Simple Cooking" newsletter has an extended rhapsody about different types of grits, FYI.

        1. The current issue of the "Simple Cooking" newsletter has an extended rhapsody about different types of grits, FYI.

          1. There are a number of stone-ground grits vendors on line. I have ordered some, but found that plain old Alberts was good enough for us. Very pricey for stone ground.

            1. Now that I have my copy of Simple Cooking in front of me:

              Adams Mill (Dothan, Alabama) 800.239.4233. John Thorne commends the coarse speckled white grits ($2.08 for a two pound bag, $10 minimum order + shipping).

              Anson Mills (Columbia, SC) 803.467.4122. John Thorne commends the complicated sorting and mixing process for their Antebellum Style grits, which is creamy for stone-ground grits. $3.95 per 12 oz bag; minimum order of 4 bags + shipping.

              Falls Mills (mentioned by a previous poster) (Belvidere, TN) 931.469.7161.

              Logan Turnpike Mill (Blairsville, GA) 800.84-GRITS. The source of speckled white grits sold by Hoppin' JOhn's of Charleston (www.hoppinjohn.com).

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                  Thank you so much Karl. So very nice of you to help us.

                2. I realize this is a VERY old post, but I am wondering if you ever located the extra coarse stone ground grits you were looking for? I am on a similar search, having some very coarse white grits in the past. I am even thinking of trying to grind my own..... I looked at the suggested posts, but cannot determine if the grits are coarse enough for me. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!

                  1. Haha. I read your post as Extra-corse grit. I'm a crafter (metal) and got excited and clicked on this link thinking you wanted to talk about sandpaper grit.