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Dec 10, 2003 05:18 PM

Mediocre "modjeskas"

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I'd seen these in the Williams-Sonoma for a few years, and they looked interesting. I never ordered them. This year, a well-meaning relative of mine thought I'd like these and sent them to me. I can't believe how nearly tasteless they are. The carmel is plasticy and uninspired. The interior marshmallow is spongey and flavorless. It looked like it would be good -- made by a family in Kentucky for generations from the same recipe, etc. These are way bland and boring.

Anybody else receive these? What were your thoughts?


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  1. I haven't tried the modjeskas, but I think some of WS's food offerings can be mediocre at best. The "smores" and fudge I've had were not tasty at all.

    On the other hand, the Peppermint Hot Chocolate is quite good.

    1. I also received some of these and thought they were pretty good. I have a good marshmellow recipe and would like to try and make these, but don't know how long to cook the carmel and how to coat them. Any ideas?

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        Go to You will find the modjeska recipe there in the candy section.

        1. re: Jessica

          Yes, unfortunately the Bauers modjeska is not the greatest. By far, the Muth's candy modjeska is delicious! I love giving them as gifts around the holidays, because it seems so strange to people at first, but when they taste these bad boys, they can't get enough! If your gonna east a modjeska, eat the Muth's ones. You can buy online, or at Bergdorf Goodman if your in NYC.

          1. re: marikoi

            And Muth's are made in Louisville, and are the original makers of the Modjeska.. named after the famous opera singer Helena Modjeska who came to Louisville to sing during the late 1800's... Modjeska Canyon in CA is also named after her.