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Dec 10, 2003 11:26 AM

Does Trader Joe's sell vanilla beans and....

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how many time can vanilla beans be used to make your own vanilla? I have used them once already and getting near the end of the bottle,can I add more vodka and hope they make another batch or is one time enough? I got my last vanilla beans at Penzey's in Norwalk but won't havw time to get down there for a few weeks. Thanks,Richie

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  1. In my area - So. Cal.- they do not have the vanilla beans - but they do have vanilla paste and extract. However, see link below for the location nearest you as their inventory lists varies. Pick a store, call them, and ask them. (Click on "Locations" at lower left part of site)

    If you were in Orange County, I could tell you the name of places that have them. One is Mother's Market and there are more.


    1. Depends on the Trader Joes. I bought some beans in one in Darien CT last weekend. I believe they were $3.99 for 2, which is very cheap these days, although they were not as aromatic as some others I have bought elswhere.

      1. The original comment has been removed