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Dec 9, 2003 01:04 PM

Do you put stuff IN your hamburgers?

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Not referring to toppings, but to working stuff into the meat.

I was brought up in the School of Unadulterated Beef, but I read a lot of recipes where people (especially in restaurants) put stuff in there, like butter, shallots, herbs, A1, foie gras, Worcestershire, whatever.

Is this common? Is your standard burger an Amalgamation? Was this your innovation, or something Ma and Pa did too?

The truth is that regular burgers bore me, so I never eat them anymore.

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  1. I put mustard and worcestshire sauce in mine. My parents used to put lipton soup mix or soy sauce.

    1. I too enjoy an unmolested burger. However, the 'rents sent me back with a few tons of home-butchered/ground beef and burgers jumped to the top of the menu---simultaneously, I'd recently seen the burger section in Everyday Foods issue #4. As per Martha, I included worscestershire sauce and dijon mustard, kosher salt, ground black pepper. These additions made a very tasty broiler burger. Mdme. Stewart also suggests adding blue cheese in a different preparation---that's next.

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      1. re: malcarne

        I tried that one - delicious but we froze the remaining burgers and they didn't make the cut when unfrozen - the cheese was weird when it was cooked, anyway I wouldn't eat it.

        1. re: Zoe

          good to know :)

      2. Buffalo burgers are a staple in our house. I add worcestershire, egg, ketchup, raw onion, seasoned bread crumbs, sometimes parmesan cheese. Pretty much the same way my mother made them, though she used beef.

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        1. re: Mandy

          No shame there. Buffalo burgers need a little help, IMO.

        2. Salt.

          Adding other stuff (soy, garlic, shallots, and/or mustard) is fun to do every once in a while when I'm in the mood for a meatbally burger. But more often that not it's just salt.

          1. For beef, nothing added, although sometimes I make inside-out cheeseburgers. Turkey burgers, on the other hand, dry out too much if unadulterated. I chop and saute onions in a little butter. Mix it in with turkey meat.

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            1. re: sbp

              I second the idea of inside-out cheeseburgers. I tuck blue cheese, goat cheese or cheddar into the center of the burger and then cook it until the cheese begins to melt.

              1. re: Kirk
                Michele Cindy

                I do this too, my favorite is with cheddar wine spread.

                1. re: Kirk

                  Boursin is great in an inside-out cheeseburger.

                  Otherwise, I prefer my burgers with just salt and pepper.