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Dec 8, 2003 10:38 AM

best chocolates in the world to order via internet

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Please let me know what you all think- I am tired of Godiva

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  1. LA Burdick at and Jacques Torres at both make fabulous chocolates - the kind where you get a huge chocolate buzz with each bite and they're so intense you can't have more than one or two at a time. nirvana for chocolate lovers.

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      LA Burdick does indeed make great chocolates. The only thing about them is that, in my experience, they don't keep very well, so one has to plan (and consume) accordingly.

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        The correct URL for L.A. Burdick Chocolate is actualy

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          I love Burdick. The savory spices they use, and the skill with which they use them,
          is truly remarkable. They're very smart chocolatiers there.

      2. If you don't mind spending a serious packet on chocolate, La Maison du Chocolat makes some of the most incredible chocolates in the world. Definitely first-tier top-class chocolate (makes Godiva look like waxy dross) -- you won't be dissapointed. I had formerly pledged my allegiance to Neuhaus Chocolates before receiving a large gift box of Maison Chocolates earlier this year. I felt like the proverbial "scales" had fallen from my eyes (or tastebuds). Here is one example, alas, where the more expensive product is actually the far far better. I've even tried the equally pricey Fauchon chocolates in Paris, and they aren't as amazing as what Maison puts out. Link below.

        Also, I have a particular favorite that is MUCH MUCH easier on the wallet, and, to my taste, almost as good as Maison du Chocolat. It's Piron Belgian Chocolatier in Evanston Illinois (509 Main St. • Evanston, IL 60202
        Telephone (847) 864 5504 ). You must call for a catalog (they aren't online, but if you call they will send you one) to get their chocolates. They don't quite have the variety that Maison does, nor are they as fantastically gorgeous, but this is a little one-shop operation where everything is made by hand (yes like Burdick, but not so whimsical and I think this has a more pronounced and mature flavor than anything Burdick puts out) exclusively from Callebaut chocolate. Now, in the premium European chocolate world, to my taste Callebaut (Belgian) edges out Valrhona (which the French use, mostly, unless they make their own) with a smoother, less edgy taste. I also prefer the gianduja (hazelnut flavored milk chocolate) of Callebaut to any other that I've tasted. Now, this is a matter of taste. Some people like their chocolate to have the sharp, almost bitter edge to it (French style, usually, not Belgian), so make your choice carefully. This little Belgian chocolatier also has what I'd consider more conservative flavors than, say, a Recchiuti chocolate. Chocolate is comfort food for me -- I like a few surprises, but I don't want to be challenged by it. So, if you're looking for very full-flavored, beatiful, professionally-done but hand-made chocolate for a rock-bottom price for premium chocolate, give Piron a try.

        As you can see, I think about chocolate a lot :)

        I'd love to hear of other people's favorites.

        (Oh, and a subset of the "chocolate" genre -- truffles. There's a truffle store -- truffles only, no regular couverture chocolates -- in San Francisco that makes the finest truffles I've had (though I have not had Maison's truffles, so there's that caveat). These are original French-style truffles. Tiny, dense in texture, irregular, dusted with cocoa or possibly nuts, and in traditional, often liquer-based flavors like cognac and creme de menthe. To die for, if you're looking specifically for truffles as opposed to chocolates. These are not like the couverture-covered often puffy and light golf-ball sized truffles put out by people like Godiva. This is essentially a flavored ganache -- just chocolate and cream -- cooked together, cooled and formed. One of the finest expressions of chocolate, I think!



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          Oh, yes... xoxo truffles are heavenly, and so fairly priced.

          Their Earl Grey truffle (for me, anyway) has become the standard by which all others are judged.

          1. re: Fatemeh

            The burnt caramel are also outstanding -- even hyperdelicious if I may say so! The price is insanely reasonable, especially since they are so tiny but rich that a quarter pound (about 20) goes a long way.

          2. re: Mrs. Smith

            i tried La Maison du Chocolat earlier this year and had a similar "scales falling" experience. i haven't bought anything else since. i second your rating them at the top.

            this week my office received a big gift basket from Harry & David including a box of "truffles". i bit into one labled raspberry expecting to encounter a raspberry (or raspberry liqueur) infused dark chocolate ganache-like filling, only to be confronted with a hard, bright pink white chocolate center. it was NOT a truffle. they should just come up with some other name for them so there will be no confusion between those creepy, greasy golfballs and true delicious french truffes. the only thing that i would add to your description of french truffles is that that actually do often/usually/always have a couverture shell. i'm pretty sure you will really like Maison's truffles as well.

            1. re: panda

              You're right, of course, about most French truffles having a layer of couverture. XOX truffles I referred to do have the thinnest of couverture shells over most of their flavors. I have yet to figure out how he (the French chocolatier who owns this shop) makes the coating so incredibly thin, however, It is only a milimeter of thickness -- barely enough to notice if the filling is ganache (which most of them are). This is just to barely keep the truffle together (like liquid caramel one,) or to keep it from melting. It's not the 1/8th inch of waxy couverture that covers, say, a Godiva "truffle" -- in fact it's such thin shell it's almost not noticable.

              I'm sure I'd love the Maison truffles -- I can't imagine anything less than transcendant coming from that wonderful palace of chocolate. I still yearn for those chocolates -- the box I got only had two "Valencias" which I honestly think is the most delicious sweet I've ever tasted -- I'll have to splurge and get a box of those truffles.

          3. Lake Champlain Chocolates is a small batch producer that makes excellent chocolates and even better truffles --some of the best I've ever had and the only one's my mother likes. But now there are all these other places I'll have to try.... Sigh.


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            1. re: Ellen

              Ellen, I don't know if you still read here, but I was recently treated to Lake Champlain Chocolate truffles as a gift, and find them to be nirvana. Better than Teuscher, and that's saying something.

              I just used my last few on graham crackers as a near-S'More, and it was heaven.

              Due to the cost, I'll wait until the Fall for more, but they are simply wonderful.

              1. Generally I abhor anything politically correct. But Jubilee Chocolates (a local and fairly new chocolatier in Philadelphia) overcomes this handicap. Great flavors!


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                1. re: Bob Libkind

                  [drool] It's getting harder and harder to walk by Caviar Assouline at RTM and remember that i need groceries more than chocolate. Jubilee just amazes me. Even the flavors that are not something i'd usually pick are amazing.

                  1. re: Bob Libkind

                    Another vote for Jubilee. Simply outstanding. Subtle flavoring that blew me away.

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                      I've put an order in for a couple boxes to give as gifts. They were scrumptious.

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                        I've put an order in for a couple boxes to give as gifts. They were scrumptious.