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Nov 29, 2003 11:44 PM

ISO easy recipe to use up overripe bananas

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I have about 8 overripe bananas and am sick of making banana bread. Any one have any new ideas to use pureed overripe bananas? Most website recipes call for sliced bananas but these guys are at the mashing stage. Thanks!

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  1. I often freeze ripe bananas to have on hand for when I DO feel like making banana bread.

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    1. re: Coyote

      Do you freeze them with skins removed? Or with skins on? My wife and I have different ideas on this one. Does it matter?

      1. re: Milt

        Freeze them skinned. It matters big time--those funky little stringy bits are almost impossible to remove from a frozen and defrosted banana, and they mess up the texture of anything you make with them.

        1. re: Milt

          I freeze bananas with the skins on. Have had no problems doing it that way, and feel they "keep" better frozen in their natural state.

          1. re: Coyote

            I freeze them in the skins also. Thaw them out and just snip off the top with kitchen shears and the slide right out.

        2. re: Coyote

          When I have bananas that are getting black spots, I toss them unpeeled into the freezer and then use them to make "Grandma's" banana cake which is sooooo good. I use a yellow cake mix (one without pudding added if I can find) one quarter pound softened butter, one cup milk, 3 large eggs and two over-ripe bananas. Mix for about two minutes and bake in two greased and floured 8 inch cake pans for about 30 to 35 minutes or until cake tester comes out clean. For frosting; one pound confectioner's sugar, one quarter pound softened butter, one tsp vanilla and one over-ripe banana from freezer. Mix until spreading consistency (might have to add a little cream or milk if too thick) and frost the cake.
          This is an all time favorite of family and friends.

          1. re: Coyote

            I freeze them skinned too and then use them for baking and smoothies. They keep just fine in ziplocks when they're frozen and peeling them when they've gone all soft can be a nightmare.

            Even if they freeze together a bit you can break them apart before they thaw. Or you can break them up into 2" or so chunks so you can remove about as many as you want before you let them thaw.

            1. re: Coyote

              Me too. My recipe call for 2-3 bananas, but I always use 4.

            2. I make a banana creme brulee, very very easily. This is a cheat recipe, as it has no cream.

              Put into a blender: a banana, three egg yolks, half a cup of milk, a little vanilla, a little sugar, a dash of nutmeg, whiz it up. You can add cream if you like, but add it after whizzing so it doesn't whip.

              Strain into individual ramekins and bake in a 325 oven in a bain marie (put ramekins in a pan of water, with the level of water at least halfway up their sides). Bake until set, about 40 mins. Cool and then chill.

              Just before serving, sprinkle tops with sugar and blow torch or broil until caramelized.

              Only uses one banana, but really easy.

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              1. re: lucia

                Lucia, that does sound easy. About how many servings does it make?

                1. re: Val G

                  3 or 4, depending on the ramekin size.

                2. No-fuss banana "ice cream": freeze them, then purée them. Mm-mm-good.

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                  1. re: GG Mora

                    What a wonderful, healthful treat for kids, too! Thanks, GG.

                  2. I love making banana daiquiris! Fill a blender full of ice. Add rum, sugar syrup (1 cup of sugar boiled in one cup of water, then cooled), juice of one lime, a little bit of OJ, and toss in a couple of the bananas (usually about 2 1/2-3). Really, really delicious and much better than those bottled cocktail mixes with the fake banana taste...

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                    1. re: deibu

                      Similarly, I make BBCs, these will knock you socks off!


                      This recipe is for one tall drink, double it for a blenderful (actually I use double the rum, as they usually add a floater at the place I discovered these). You will use two bananas per batch. Like a tasty milkshake, until you finish it off.

                    2. at what point do you consider them "overripe?" generally i throw out bananas that have too much black on the never occurred to me they might still be edible. what about if the skin is completely black? just the other day i had a leftover banana that was as black as a ripe plantain, but i didn't really think it was still ok to eat...

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                      1. re: Nancy

                        You might not want that banana on cereal, but the riper the better for banana bread. Freeze it!

                        1. re: Nancy

                          Oh man! As they get totally "freckled" the flavor just gets deeper and deeper. They're not good for eating out of hand or slicing anymore but they're a total flavor bonanza!