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Nov 20, 2003 08:46 AM

what goes with chili?

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Our office does a chili party and chinese auction gift exchange over the holidays every year. My secretary makes an AWESOME chili, and the other staffers bring all the fixins (shredded cheese, sour cream, chopped onions, tortilla chips, saltines, cornbread, etc...) along with salad and desserts. Since the office knows I'm a half-decent cook (trying to be modest here) they want me to "cook" something as my contribution. A microwave would be the only means of reheating said dish. Any thoughts as to what I should bring? Another entree or entree-like item would be good for the non-chili eaters. I was thinking pasta salad with salmon or an asian pasta salad (both cold), but is that way weird with chili? I need help!

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    1. what about an appetizer? pigs-in-a-blanket, or vegetable eggrolls.

      1. I usually put chili on top of either rice or a potato (or mashed potatoes), or sometimes pasta.

        How about some guacamole with those chips? Jalapeno Poppers?

        Bring some tortillas and have people make themselves chili tacos or burritos.

        1. How about a nice ceviche platter?

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            Along those lines:

            I know somebody who makes a really nice crab dip platter. It can be made in advance also.

            The general idea:

            Mix cream cheese with sour cream to a spreadable consistency. Spread on a decorative plate about 1/4" deep. Marinate crab meat in fresh lime juice for about 15 min or so. Strain and layer on top of the mixture. Then you can top it with any number of things- scallions, chopped tomato, fresh jalapeno slices, olives, cilantro, etc. Garnish with lime wedges and serve with chips.

          2. For another entree, I'd do soup. You already have the bowls and the mood, I think it would fit right in.

            Here's a link to a recent soup thread if you decide to go this route and need ideas.