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May 25, 2004 02:23 PM

Sri Lankan in Santa Cruz!!!!!

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Santa Cruz is not often on the cutting edge of chow discoveries but a wonderful new Sri Lankan restaurant has opened in town. Appropriately named Sri, it is on Water Street just before Branciforte (this is the center/East side of town).

I have tried their pakoras, which are wondeful. The mushroom soup is much like a veggie broth with some mushrooms in it (pass on this in favor of pakoras or salad rolls). There are also some wonderful fritters called Wadde. For mains, the Sri Lankan platter is fantastic (choose from many vegetarian curries), and the Chicken curry is very good, although not as exciting as the platter.

Mango Lassi is heavy on mango and one of the best I've tasted....make sure to ask for it without ice, which ruins the flavor.

So that's my plea for all chowhounds in the area to give it a try. I moved to Santa Cruz from NYC just a few months ago and this is really top notch among my South Asian food experiences. Please support Sri or we might go back to being a town with just one terrible Indian restaurant.


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  1. i wonder if it is in the same place that Malabar used to be, which is/was sri lankan and run by the same folks as Asian Rose. both very yummy and regular desinations during my undergraduate days.

    1. Thanks for the report Roger. I saw the sign while driving down water last week and have been curious. I will definately stop in soon and report back.

      We also just lost the only Spanish food in town. Almar Grill has been flipped into an Asian noodle/rice plate place. I assume it is still the same owner since it changed menus and decor in about a week. (same owner as Omei as well). It's cheap but the beef soup I tried was fairly middle of the road.

      Did you try the thai noodle soups at the Thai Noodle House on the WS? I thought they were decent and am hoping they will recover from the fire they had.


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      1. re: Nathan P.

        Malabar & Asian Rose have closed down.

        1. re: rdabke

          No, they have now combined into one space on Front St. in downtown. I've heard positive reviews since the move but haven't tried it myself.

          Malabar Cafe
          514 Front St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

          1. re: Carb Lover

            thx, will check out when in the area.