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Nov 18, 2003 10:37 PM

Foods with a laxative effect

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I'd like to get and stay more 'regular' and would like to know what foods I can have that will have a strong laxative effect. I know that cabbage is a good one. What are some others, based on your personal experience? I assume fibrous vegetables in general, but would like to know what specifically are especially good. I also wonder if popcorn works well or not?

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  1. Lots of nice 'n greasy fried foods...yum... Slip 'n slide. Ok, Ok I know in bad taste but...

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    1. re: The Rogue

      The great philosopher Red Green once advised that to avoid arthritis and other joint ills, you should eat bacon, butter, and so on. And lots of them. All that grease is bound to keep the joints lubricated. :-)

    2. Popcorn would be lousy.
      Try beets, or cauliflower, or senna tea, or flax (in cereal) or sprouted garbanzos, or ginger or papaya or want things with high fiber, preferably insoluble. This should be listed on most food nutrition labels. Also, drink LOTS of water.

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      1. re: Joseph

        Beets always work for me, and the evidence is always there - can't miss the "bleeding" dyes.

      2. popcorn is good if you want to get nice and gassy.

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        1. re: poot

          There was that infamous Christmas a few years back of the giant tubs of popcorn given to each family group by a well-meaning aunt. She still gives the tubs of popcorn. Yummy it might be, but beware!

        2. It has been my experience that prunes achieve the outcome you're looking for rather promptly... and rather repeatedly. :O

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          1. re: Stoolio

            Gosh, this reminds me of my parents who ate stewed prunes so they would stay "regular". They loved eating them too!

          2. Mix some Fiber One cereal into your regular cereal in the morning.