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Nov 14, 2003 02:55 PM

how long is ungrated parmesan cheese good for?

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If I buy a 1 pound block of parmesan cheese, use a little now, a little later, how long will the cheese be good for if kept plastic wrapped in the refrigerator? I have some that is 6 months old. Does the flavor and quality deteriorate over time?


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  1. Once opened, I keep my little block wrapped in wax paper, then in foil, all in a zipped bag in the meat drawer of my fridge - I read this somewhere as a recommendation to keep the cheese from drying out. It stays reasonably fresh for a good amount of time (sorry to not be more specific!)

    1. Take it out of the plastic...cheese is never happy wrapped in that stuff...try wax paper then will last awhile...

      1. As with most cheeses, I keep it in waxed paper and foil, then keep it until it gets moldy. With most cheeses, I just cut the mold off if it happens. I've never had parmesan go moldy.

        1. I must add the freezer component. "Freeze" tends to indicate water freezing, and cheese (Parmesan) is already solid at room temp., but you can 'freeze' it, or put it in the freezer. Same as you would do with butter, another milk-fat derivative.

          Hard cheeses keep well when chilled. The two enemies are excess moisture and other foods. Surface moisture causes mold, while other foods can emit odors that the fat cells love. Previous posts recommended the waxpaper. The helps prevent surface moisture. A second wrapping, as well as a colder temperature help prevent other flavors from finding a home in the cheese.

          Time? It could easily last a year in a double-wrapped frozen state, partially depending on how long it has been previously aged.

          1. Elise- The problem here is you are not eating the parmesan fast enough. Try just eating small chunks with fruit, hard sausage, crusty bread, roasted red pepper, etc. besides the usual grating. It will go so fast that you won't have any problems other than remembering to buy a fresh pound every week or two.

            Hmmm... now it's time for me to go snack on some parmesan... A fancy parmesan knife is on my X-Mas list this year...



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              Tell me more about the parmesan knife please.

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                That specific knife or parmesan knives in general?
                That particular knife is a Pott knife from Solingen with a beautiful shape.

                A parmesan knife is a specialized cheese knife that is used more like a chisel to pry of nice crumbly chunks of parmigano. It is usually a sharp wedge shape like a long triangle. You push it into the cheese and twist of the chunks. If you try to slice parmigano it crumbles but with the right knife you get nice firm flakes.