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Nov 14, 2003 09:17 AM

rave for CVS imit vanilla extract

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Quite surprised when Cooks Illustrated rated CVS premium vanilla extract very high (#2 overall) out of all real and imitation vanilla extracts. I am a firm believer in "natural" flavorings and will use real fruit zests, oils, etc and have paid the extra money for the Madagascar vanilla extract. Picked up the 8 oz. for 99 cents CVS "premium imitation vanilla extract with natural flavorings". I used in in brownies, delicious. Used it in a creme anglaise at the end after the custard cooked, delicious. Very impressed. Expensive is not always better I will continue to use this product.

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  1. The CI recommendation caught my eye too. I was surprised and impressed--a cheap product, with high quality results! Tried it in both baking (cookies and cakes) and hot chocolate. Now I can be as heavy-handed with vanilla as I like to be, without being cost conscious.

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      I highly recommend Watkin's imitation vanilla as well. And I too am one who believes natural is best...but this is good.

      1. What are the listed ingredients?