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Nov 7, 2003 02:18 PM

Canned pizza sauce

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In my never-ending quest to perfect my home-made pizza, I am now happy with my crust recipe/pizza stone/pizza peel technique.

I have now shifted my attention to the sauce. I have tried making my own sauce from fresh and from canned tomatoes, they always have an odd flavor. The best canned sauce I have found far exceeds my homemade efforts. I have tried many canned sauces (Contadina, Furmano, etc.), but my #1 favorite is Don Pepino. It has a bright, fresh tomato flavor, real texture like crushed or finely chopped tomatoes, it's the perfect sauce so far for my homemade pizza efforts.

Any comments on this or other quality pizza sauces? I almost feel like it's cheating to use a canned sauce, but this is so much better than my homemade efforts. Anyone have a recipe for homemade sauce that I might find superior?

Thanks for any input!


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  1. Muir Glen's pretty good.

    I usually just take canned tomatoes, cut up/smushed in a bowl, and add olive oil, lots of garlic, a little oregano or marjoram, a little vinegar or lemon juice, S&P, and my secret ingredient - a tiny pinch of allspice. I let that sit around at room temp while I get the toppings/dough ready.

    It's good.

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      I agree with the Muir Glen pick. I posted on their canned tomato products on the Favorite Low Cost Meal thread(scroll down) or I'll try to link it.


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        Ditto the Muir Glen. It's so good I serve it to the kids as spaghetti sauce when I'm too lazy to make my own.

      2. I too love Don Pepino's. I eat it straight out of the can. None of the other sauces, or my attempt at homemade, has ever come close. It's just the perfect pizza sauce.

        1. I can my own fresh tomatos every year . All I do is take a pint of canned tomatos and put them in a food processor with some salt and pepper and a little good olive oil and whir it up . It makes awesome pizza sauce . Simple is best .

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            ChowFun (derek)

            Trader Joe's makes a fresh pizza sauce which they have in their refrigerated section, near their fresh pizza crust dough....have you tried it? How does it compare to Don Peppino? (I don't think we have that brand here in San Fran. it does sound good!))

            1. Years, I tell you YEARS I spent trying to make my own perfect homemade pizza sauce. Sauce after sauce, with canned or fresh tomatoes (yes even ones from a friend's garden at the peak of ripeness), they all disapointed me.

              Then in disgust I tried Muir Glen canned pizza sauce. My search was over.

              Pizza sauce perfection -- believe me. And organic to boot (though I'd use it even if it weren't -- it's so good!)

              This is the kind of pizza sauce that is so good we save the leftovers in a little dish and dip our pizza crusts or French bread in it. Fantastic.