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Oct 27, 2003 06:54 PM

Floating eggs: safe to eat?

  • z

When I put these eggs in water to boil them, they floated. I cracked one to see if it was rotten, and it wasn't. So I boiled the rest of them; each one did have a big air pocket at the base, but they don't look or smell different otherwise. Would you eat them?

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  1. Over time, eggs dehydrate a bit and the air pocket grows. Doesn't necessarily mean they're bad. If they smell okay, they should be fine. So yeah, I'd eat them.

    1. k
      Katherine A/O

      just means they are probably "old" If they smell fine they are probably fine. People dont realize that eggs are often 6-8 months old before they are put up for sale. Over thime the whites thicken and this leaves more space in the shell.....Thats why i raise my own...

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      1. re: Katherine A/O

        Surely you don't mean MONTHS- at least not in the US.