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Oct 17, 2003 11:51 PM

Speaking of Beef...What is a Bolar Roast?

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I remember this in name only from my youth. The A&P used to sell it. On a Food Network show that featured Philadelphia butcher shops there was one in the case. Does anyone know what the equivalent cut is, the only thing I could find on the internet were some links to Australian butcher shops.

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    Katherine A/O

    A blade roast would be about the same.

    1. The name for,"Bolar", either as applied to steaks or roasts somehow evolved into standard beef cutting in Australia, and parts on the United Kingdom. It's taken from the part of the carcass that they call the, "Blade", but the Bolar part of their blade is more commonly refered to in the United States as,"Bottom Sirloin', or after defatting and trimming ,"Triangle Tip". We used to be able to export this cut very reasonably. But during the last 6 years the export price has quadrupled.



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      1. re: Irwin Koval

        Thank you Irwin, you are always helpful. So I guess I should ask for a tri-tip roast. But the question is, should I? I remember my mother bought these quite alot, I think for potroasts and such. She does not remember this at all, so of course I have "imagined" the whole thing.

        1. re: sylvesterrussell

          Sylvester: There is no need for requesting a Triangle or Tri-Tip Roast, as the whole piece averages from 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 Pounds, mostly sold packaged whole.

          Its a extremely versatile cut of meat. It can be Braised, Barbequed, Broiled, Pot Roasted or Kabobed. Cooked Well done, rare, etc. Many people Broil the whole piece, then slice it up for sandwiches [sliced Sirloin Steak]. It's not the tenderest cut, but has flavor and character. It's even sold sometimes cut into minute steaks.

          Buy it, fool around with it, go down memory lane, enjoy. Irwin

          1. re: Irwin Koval

            I am a retired meat cutter. A bolar roast is a muscle that is under the front leg of a steer near where the chuck roast comes from. It is a solid three cornered piece of meat. To give you a better idea of where it is on a steer feel the muscle under the outside of your arm at where your arm pit is. That on a steer is the bolar roast. It is my favorite piece of meat. The only problem is that most meat departments no longer sell them as a roast, they will usually sell them as a Top Sirloin roast and charge a lot more for them since the name contains the work SIRLOIN.