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Oct 16, 2003 08:54 PM

On a Hunt for the Most Delicious Fudge Recipe

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With the holidays fast approaching, I'm thinking about all the good homemade items. I went to a Harvest Festival this last weekend and they were selling this fudge that had an ultra creamy texture and it was incredible. Does anyone have a recipe for what they consider the best fudge ever? Thanx

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  1. I do, but the fudge purists will cringe. Those who love only the old-fashioned sugar fudge (also a favorite of mine, but not quite as good as this) do not keep reading!

    It's called "Chocolate Butter Fudge" from a community cookbook published in the 50s in a small rural town in Northern Minnesota. It's the most obscure recipe source I personally know (the original is kept "in the vault" in my Mother's house in Minnesota, and she doesn't let anyone borrow it, and only shows it to people occasionally and allows them to copy recipes out. I think about 300 of these cookbooks were sold at one time, and I've never found anyone else who had one). I'd love to hear if anyone makes a fudge recipe similar to the one I refer to below, as I 've never found one like it.

    It involves Knox gelatin, massive amounts of butter, and some corn syrup in addition to white sugar.

    Are you still interested? If you say yes, I'll post it. I posted it about 6-8 months ago on a fudge thread here on Chowhound, but I can't find that thread anymore.

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      Please post. I was looking for the earlier one and don't seem to be able to find it.

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          Looking for the RECIPE to your "Chocolate Butter Fudge". Thank you.

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            I suppose this could be what "Mrs. Smith" was talking about in 2003!


        2. There's a reason that Vassar College Fudge -- and the variations based on what you put in it -- has been the standard for about 100 years.