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Oct 16, 2003 01:19 PM

Substitute honey for corn syrup in choc. glaze recipe?

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I am full of questions today. Here's the scene--rural area, very small children, making a grocery run not an option. My recipe is Maida Heatter's--basically, chocolate chips, corn syrup, milk, butter. got an opinion?

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  1. Are you making a glaze for cookies or something? I have always made a thick glaze with just melted choc. chips, then pour warm cream or milk over it, let it stand and then whisk til shiny. You can add melted butter for more richness if you want. But the choc chips should be sweet enough that you don't need honey or c.syrup. Hope that helps -

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      It's for cake...maybe the corn syrup adds texture? It's called "thick chocolate glaze".

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        The corn syrup is, as pointed out, added largely for texture. The honey will probably granulate if put in too hot -- make sure the glaze is lukewarm when you add it. Also, honey is much much sweeter than corn syrup -- so add sparingly. Try it without the honey first, and if the glaze isn't working, try adding small amounts of honey just to change the texture. Water may help in this matter, too.

      2. I think the honey should work, but it may change the taste a little.

        1. The corn syrup is added for sweetness and texture. It keeps the chocolate from setting up as hard as it was before and it maintains a shiny glaze. Honey might do the same thing, but I'm not sure. The glaze will probably be fine without it as long as the chocolate chips are sweet enough.