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Oct 16, 2003 10:47 AM

of the month clubs

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Here is that perennial favorite: a magazine writer asks for your suggestions for unusual/unusually good foods, mailed to your door, once a month.

For my magazine, Men's Journal, I have been asked to evaluate the holiday's current harvest of food-oriented "of the month clubs."

Usual characters I have found: bacon, jerky, smoked fish, potato chips, potatoes.

Does anyone have any suggestions our readers should know about?

Or something you've wanted to try but didn't want to pay for yourself? Consider me your guinea pig, and I shall report here on my findings.

Specifically, I'd love to offer an interesting alternative to the standard fruit-of-month offering: heirloom apples, for example, if someone knows of such a service.

Thank you for your help

That is all.

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    Science Chick

    There was a thread on this a couple of months ago, but I can't find it for you. I like "Rent Mother Nature". You get a share of some farm commodity (eg cow = cheese, tree = maple syrup, bees = honey). At the end of the season, you get a share of the haul. Fun and the products have been first rate as long as we've been doing it.


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      Renting nature sounds really fascinating. Thank you again to all--bacon is on the way, I'm glad to report.

    2. Grateful Palate has bacon (mmmmm) but sounds like you already know that. they also have a wine-o-t-m and a coffee-o-t-m. never tried the clubs, but i've heard from reliable sources that the coffee is splendiferous.

      1. I recently joined the Wood Prairie Farm (Maine) potato of the month club, but have only received one shipment so far. I'm expecting another box any day.

        Each month you get three varieties. They were freshly dug, well packed, with some dry dirt still on them. For Sept I got Caribe (blue), Rose Gold, and Onaway. We loved the Caribe best, especially boiled and then sauteed in olive oil. They came with recipes that didn't look that good. We eat lots of spuds, and the quantity was okay, but I did have to supplement with the usual store-bought varieties.

        This month I'm looking forward to getting Butte potatoes, with two others. Buttes are nearly extinct because McDonald's prefers Russetts and that put Buttes off the farm.

        Wood Prairie only does organically grown potatoes and only ships for 9 months, starting in Sept. You can also order according to single variety. They have a website.

        1. I hear that Zingerman's Deli in Ann Arbor has some great o-t-m clubs. I've not ever subscribed, but I used to go to Zingerman's all the time. I know that they have coffeecake and bread clubs, and I think they also have cheese and olive oil clubs. The one that interests me the most is the Zingerman's "Z-club" where they just send you a bunch of cool stuff. How fun to get a big box of mystery comestibles (say -that- 10 times fast) every month and try and figure out what to do with them.

          1. Dean & Deluca has coffee by the month:


            Then, there's fruit. Just plug "fruit+every+month" into Yahoo.

            Here are even more:

            Note I have never utilized such programs.

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              cabrales, given your 'nom' I expected you'd have a full list of cheese-of-the-month clubs!! ;-)