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Neiman-Marcus cookie story

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(Yes, yes, I know the story is bogus, but hey, it comes with a recipe!)

Has anyone ever made the cookies that come with this story/e-mail. I just got it again...(you can always tell when someone gets their first e-mail account)and for the first time checked out the recipe.

Seems pretty standard, but perhaps worth it?

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  1. I have always enjoyed the results of this recipe. I don't bother with the grated chocolate. The blended oatmeal is key, as is figuring out whether you blend or measure first (I think it's measure the three cups or whatever it is, then blend - it loses lots of volume when it's blended and 3 cups of blended oatmeal makes a dry dense cookie). I also bake for one minute less than specified.

    I just found a very similar recipe but in smaller quantity in the Joy of Cooking. However the results were not as good. I don't have the "Neiman Marcus" recipe around to compare exact proportions.

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      I agree that the blended oatmeal makes this a great cookie recipe. It also helps to clear out the candy dish. I buy the hershey's miniatures variety pack and the plain ones are always the last ones left.

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        I agree, the blended oatmeal is key, and it actually does make a delicious cookie, always a favorite with recipients.


      2. I think I first encountered the cookie story about ten years ago.

        Neiman Marcus prints the recipe on their website.

        Link: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/ser...

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          Only problem is that that recipe does not have blended oatmeal...

          Link: http://bl.net/forwards/cookie.html

        2. I made the cookies once (years ago so I can't remember specific comments about the recipe) and thought they were fantastic. I remember that it was a long process, but the results were well worth it. Thanks for the reminder. I'll make them again soon.

          1. The real recipe can be found online (for free) at www.neimanmarcus.com. It is also in their cookbook and on the sides of the tins that are sometimes used in the epicure department. The real recipe can uses espresso. I have also made the "chain mail" recipe many times using the ground oatmeal, and it is NEVER dry. I enjoy cooking and bake a lot for fundraisers and other school/church/club activities for my child. I live in Dallas and shop at Neiman's on a more-than-regular basis and always get a cookie from the cafe because they are so big the whole family can share one. I also buy the tins of cookies for gifts; however, when baking, I usually prefer the urban legend recipe over the real one. They are my favorite cookies, and (once again), they are NEVER dry. They are much better than Toll House or any other chocolate chip recipe I have ever made or tried.

            1. I have had this recipe for years and had not made it for quite a while. Decided to research the recipe's origins online today and found tons of "hoax" links, but none except yours that claim what I already know - THIS IS A GREAT COOKIE RECIPE!! I encourage everyone to try it. i have a very old oatmeal recipe from a friend's great grandmother that also blends the oatmeal, it is definitely the key to these delicious cookies. Rolling up my sleeves and making them Right Now! Also noticed the recipe for Neiman Marcus Cookies on thier website is not the same as the e-mail hoax recipe (no oatmeal)

              1. I remember when this was going around as the Mrs Field's cookie recipe about 20 years ago. My mother sent it to me; I gave copies to several people I worked with. Three of them used the recipe and came out with three completely different cookies!

                1. It does make a pretty darn yummy cookie, though I still love a 'classic' chocolate chip cookie more. I think the blended oatmeal and the grated chocolate make the difference. Funniest thing is, I've had that recipe for over 13 years, and last year, my mom made the exact same cookies, telling me that they were Mrs. Field's cookies. :o)

                  1. They're good if you need to make a lot of cookies. If you don't have a good mixer, it's hard to mix it (and I've burned out motors on cheaper mixers). As big chocolate chip cookies go, I like the Cooks Illustrated ones much more so I haven't made these in years. I'd also omit the grated chocolate.

                    1. I have been making cookies of this so called "$250 Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe" many times so far. They are the best cookies I've ever tasted. My kids will ask me to bake them again anad again, especially when they are hungry. The texture of the cookies are heaven! Healthy and delicious. It made me to believe that the story of this recipe couldn't be bogus, otherwise, the cookies won't be so good! Neiman-Marcus posted their own cookies recipe for public, but I can tell right away that recipe won't be good & healthy. Too much sugar and no texture, due to lacking of oat meal. I only bake 1/4 of the ", using Braun hand mixer to do all the jobs, but hand stir the cookies dough gently. They never fail me! No matter if it's just bogus, I really appreciate the recipe!!

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                        I have made them often and like both the ground oatmeal and ground chocolate. It does not come out like a chocolate chocolate chip cookie, but really really good. They last a long time--are hearty and sturdy, a little different from a traditional chocolate chip.

                      2. There seems to be some confusion here between the Neiman-Marcus recipe and the legendary imposter Mrs Fields recipe. The MF recipe contains ground oatmeal and grated chocolate, neither of which are in the NM recipe. And unlike the MF recipe, the NM recipe calls for instant expresso powder.

                        I've made cookies from each of these recipes quite a few time and been very satisfied with the results. I've tweaked the MF recipe a bit to suit my own taste by omitting the ground chocolate, cutting back on the amount of sugar and reducing the entire recipe to 1/4 of its original proportions.

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                          The NM recipe is the one I recall with both oatmeal and chocolate. I am sure all kinds of transmutations have made the rounds though.

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                            The real NM recipe is on their site and uses espresso powder. But, there's an urban legend about the cookies/price that are identical, some say Neiman Marcus, some say Mrs. Fields.