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May 21, 2004 10:08 PM

BBQ Restaurants in San Francisco?

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Hello all I am moving to San Francisco soon and am looking for the best BBQ restaurants in San Francisco. Any suggestions?

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  1. First the good news: San Francisco is a beautiful city with many great restaurants of all kinds. Now the bad news: BBQ is not among them. It just doesn't seem to be a San Francisco thing. There are a small number BBQ restaurants in the city and in surrounding areas, though, so maybe someone can help us both find a good one.

    1. Memphis Minnie's in the Haight has decent Texas BBQ, and has been discussed before on the board. There are also apparently good BBQ places in Oakland, although I can't say that I have been to any of them myself.

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      1. re: Rebecka
        Quasimodo Jr.

        > There are also apparently good BBQ places in
        > Oakland

        Is Soul Brothers (on Telegraph) still around?

        1. re: Quasimodo Jr.

          No, it was replaced by an Ethiopian restaurant a couple of years ago. Anyway, "soul food" and BBQ aren't the same thing.

          Since no one has mentioned it, Johnson's BBQ on San Bruno SF did very well in our BBQ tasting a couple of years ago.


        2. re: Rebecka

          You mean Memphis style BBQ, right? :-)

          1. re: Nopa

            Actually MM's does not necessarily do Memphis style BBQ. Most places in Memphis smokes babybacks, while MM's goes with St. Louis cut spares. MM also smokes over oak vs, hickory. Even their three sauces are Texas, western NC, and SC based.

        3. Korean BBQ, Chinese BBQ, or what other style?

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            American BBQ cooked slow and low.

            1. re: porkjowl

              welcome to the bay area, where American cooking
              is the hard to find ethnic cuisine.

          2. My barbershop recently had many musings about this place in Stockton. It is supposed to have Texas style BBQ, including Southern fixins like collards and black eyed peas. anyone wanna go on a long chowhound drive with me?

            1. Brother-in-Law's on Divisadero is not bad, though if I had the time I'd drive over to West Oakland to Flint's on San Pablo.

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              1. re: hongry dawg
                Robert Lauriston

                Is the Flint's on San Pablo still open? The one on Shattuck has been closed by order of the health department.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  It was open when I last stopped there about 2 weeks ago or so. Quite honestly, at the San Pablo Avenue location in West Oakland, the health department is probably the least of your worries, especially in the evening.