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Oct 11, 2003 09:51 AM

Pastrymaking book

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Does anyone have any suggestions on a professional-level book of pastry-making, specifically the small confections found at places like Payard etc. I'm looking to get beyond the cakes, tarts, and candies and work at making more decorative small pieces (Payard is a good example, as is Gerard Mulot in Paris, and, if anyone has been there, the new Mondrian pastry store on 61st and Lex). Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Caitlin Wheeler

    I don't know if it's exactly what you're looking for, but take a look at the Paris Boulangerie Patisserie cookbook by Linda Dannenberg. Recipes from Paris's famous patisseries (including Gerard Mulot, which I also love). Many of the recipes are for the larger confections which are sliced and sold, but it's worth taking a look.

    1. I can't think of the title right now, but there is a 4 volume set of French pastry books, in English. One of them covers small pastries. They are expensive and probably not available in a general bookstore, but you can buy a single volume. They are on my 'wish list', I have looked at them and drooled, they seem to cover everything.

      Also look at "The French Cookie Book" by Bugat and Healy, it has some chapters on small pastries.

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        I don't know if it is still in print but another one to consider is Mastering the Art of French Pastry by Paul Bugat and Bruce Healy.

        BTW: The French Cookie Book is by Bruce Healy; Paul Bugat's major contribution was the drawings.

        1. re: Timowitz

          Mastering the Art of French Pastry is, unfortunately, out of print. I finally got hold of a copy last year, after searching and being on all the lists for over 4 years. It is one of the most wanted books by collectors of cookbooks. I am still on ABE's want list, and I just had a copy offered to me for $175.

          It really is a shame, because it is a fabulous book. I don't understand why something like "The Soap Opera Cookbook" stays in print forever, and something really wonderful like "Mastering the Art of French Pastry" goes out of print and becomes nearly impossible to find.

      2. b
        babette feasts

        Actually, Francois Payard has a pastry book, Simply Sensational Desserts, 1998 or so. I would also recommend both of Pierre Hermes books (coauthored with Dorie Greenspan).

        1. Does anyone have Desserts by Pierre Herme or Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme and Dorie Greenspan or La Pâtisserie de Pierre Hermé by Pierre Herme? Which book do you recommend? My eye is on La Pâtisserie de Pierre Hermé right now! Any suggestions??